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Cross-Border Litigation in England and Wales: Brexit Implications

A workshop was organised in the context of a pilot study on Cross-Border Litigation in England and Wales.

The pilot study, funded by the Centre for Commercial and Corporate law, aims to measure the expected initial impact of Brexit on parties’ strategies which will in turn have a bearing on access to justice in cross-border cases. To this end, the pilot study is set to generate new data capturing the initial expected Brexit impact.

In order to promote wider discussions, we organised a kick-off workshop within the auspices of the Centre for European Legal Studies. This was held in the Council Chamber at the University of Exeter on Friday 1 June 2018. The workshop was an opportunity for us to factor in different perspectives on cross-border litigation and Brexit, and draw together key insights. 

The event involved:

  • Jon Lawrence (who, last year, defended the highly complex and record breaking £14-billion claim against Mastercard);
  • Robert Bray (Former Head of Unit, Committee on Legal Affairs, European Parliament);
  • Tim Cowen (Preiskel & Co); James Netto (Dawson Cornwell);
  • Stephen Dnes (New College of the Humanities);
  • Dr Ardavan Arzandeh (University of Bristol);
  • Prof Paul Beaumont and Jayne Holliday (University of Aberdeen);
  • Prof Rebecca Probert, Prof Andrea Lista, Dr Isabelle Rueda and Dr Mihail Danov (University of Exeter).

Download the workshop programme: Cross-Border Litigation in England and Wales: Brexit Implications