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Dr Jachec-Neale presents at the Second Israel Defence Forces Conference on the Law of Armed Conflict

This week Dr Agnieszka Jachec-Neale is presenting her research on the targeting of State and political party leaders and infrastructure related to leadership during armed conflict at the second International Israel Defence Forces Conference on the Law of Armed Conflict.

Following from the success of the first high-level expert conference hosted by the Israel Defence Forces in 2015, this event is dedicated to a wide spectrum of topics relevant in contemporary military operations. The conference’s participants include not only senior legal advisors to militaries and governmental ministries as well as leading academics from over 20 countries but also representatives from major international organisations such as NATO and the ICRC.

Dr Jachec-Neale's presentation is focused on the legal framework for targeting of specific categories of persons in positions of authority and influence associated with their role in the political life of nations or their function within the governmental structures of States. Within this she is exploring the nuances of legal boundaries of such persons’ participation in hostilities and the related framework of protection against direct attacks. Her research in this area builds on and complements her earlier work on the targeting of infrastructure related to State and political party leadership, a topic which she examined in more depth in her book The Concept of Military Objectives in International Law and Targeting Practice.

Date: 27 April 2017

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