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The second US Military Operations Course at the United States Military Academy

Exeter academics participate in military operations course at West Point

Three members of the Exeter Centre for International Law—Dr Agnieszka Jachec-Neale, Dr Kubo Mačák and Dr Aurel Sari—travelled to West Point in June 2019 to attend the second US Military Operations Course at the United States Military Academy.

Run by the Lieber Institute of the Military Academy, the course is designed to provide academic and other experts with no military background with an opportunity to learn the basics of military operations from active duty personnel. Subjects covered during the three-day programme included an overview of the targeting process, weapons capabilities, collateral damage estimation methodology, intelligence support, military justice and special forces operations.

The field orientation was one of the highlights of the course. After a short hike in the woods, the participants were briefed about the role of field artillery systems, experienced an artillery simulator and observed live fires from howitzers and mortars. In the field, they were also treated to an “operational lunch” of ready-to-eat meals, which turned out to be far more agreeable than their name and reputation suggests.

The visit by the three Exeter academics reflects the deepening ties between the Lieber Institute and the Exeter Centre for International Law. Earlier this year, two members of the Lieber Institute travelled to Exeter to participate in a conference hosted by the Exeter Centre. Both institutions are also members of the Law of Armed Conflict and Military Operations (LACMO) Research Network, a consortium of some 20 research centres and research groups within universities and military staff colleges and academies across Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific.

Date: 1 August 2019