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Dr Pavis

Exeter researcher receives support from the UK-Canada Foundation to undertake research in Canada on the legal protection of performing artists

Her work focuses on finding the means, within the law, to better protect performing artists, their reputation and their remuneration. More specifically, Dr Pavis will be looking at the legal protection of runway models in the UK, Canada and France. Dr Pavis received a small grant from the UK-Canada Foundation to carry out her research in Victoria. She writes: “I am very grateful for the support of the UK-Canada Foundation and the warm welcome I have received from colleagues at the University of Victoria. The visiting scholarship gives me an invaluable opportunity to do comparative work in intellectual property with experts in the field, in the context of a mixed-legal system like Canada. I very much look forward to exchanging ideas and thoughts with experts at Victoria’s Faculty of Law”.

Date: 29 June 2018