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L-R: Dr Caroline Keenan (Head of Law and Business), Peter Panuthos (Chief Special Trial Judge of the United States Tax Court), Joey Liu (Publicity Secretary, Flamank Law Society), and Kathryn Whitford (President of the Cornwall Law Society).

Flamank Law Society hosts the Chief Special Trial Judge of the United States Tax Court

Peter’s talk was incredibly interesting and informative; he gave our students an insight into the inner workings of the US legal system and how it differs from our own. He has had both an interesting and illustrious career and spoke to the students about the structure of the tax court, the shortcomings of the system and how his court has been trying to help defendants. He highlighted that, in accordance with the constitution, tax cases are civil matters and not criminal ones therefore, 70 per cent of defendants are self-represented. In order to combat the lack of legal advice the defendants are given, his court has helped to set up clinics in the different states that will allow the defendants to gain free legal advice. 

Joey Liu, Flamank Law Society Publicity Secretary said "We were privileged to have Peter kindly share his experience and expertise with our Cornwall Law students. Talks like this are a great way to build your network, and now the Law School in Cornwall and Flamank Law Society can say they’ve worked with the Chief Special Trial Judge of the US Tax Court – a great connection to have! Guest speakers also attract audiences outside of the curriculum. Kathryn Whitford, the newly elected President of the Cornwall Law Society, also attended and introduced herself to members and shared her plans for the Society. We hope students found Thursday interesting and useful in their career planning and enhancing their networking skills. It was a pleasure working with Peter and events like this should remind students no matter someone’s job description, they are just as normal as we are! Thank you Peter!"

We look forward to welcoming Peter back again soon!

Date: 3 December 2019