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The Mock Civil trials took place in person this year.

Mock Civil trials

The 2022 Mock Civil trials for the first year Law & Business students took place in person this year.

Students on the Law & Business programme at Penryn learn by preparing for and participating in a mock Employment Tribunal in term 1 and a mock Civil Trial in term 2. This is the third year of our programme and the first year that the civil trials took place in person.

Students were introduced to their case on Defamation and Privacy early in term 2. In their Law Firms they represented either the Claimants or Defendants conducting a negotiation and then preparing for trial. The students took the roles of barristers and witnesses in front of practicing Deputy District Judges. There were four trials, each lasting 3.5 hours with the Judges then delivering their decisions orally.

It was wonderful to see the students walking around campus in their gowns. The Judges were impressed with the standard of cross examination and closing submissions. Students commented that the mock trials were ‘very enjoyable’, that they ‘prepared as if it were a real trial and performed the same as well’ and that the trials were ‘well conducted and very effective in providing an insight into the practical side of law’.

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Date: 10 May 2022