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Photo of Dr Lisa Cherkassky

Dr Lisa Cherkassky

Senior Lecturer

Amory B103H



Teaching: Bioethics, health law and human rights, medical technology, reproductive law and ethics, criminal law. Also: tort law, business law, mental health law, legal skills, jurisprudence, legal research.

Management experience: Director of LLM at the University of Derby (2012-2021); Director of BA Law and LLB joint degrees and the University of Bradford (2007-2012).

PhD 2019-2023: 'Gametes on request: the posthumous retreival of sperm without consent' at The University of Manchester (completed November 2023: passed without amendments).

Orcid ID: 0000-0003-0963-6358

Research/supervision interests:

  • Medical law (and bioethics);
  • Fertility law, posthumous conception, PGD (embryonic screening);
  • Saviour siblings, organ transplants, the welfare of the child;
  • Crimnal law: causation, HIV transmission, insanity, genocide.

Research supervision:

Fatema Alansari, ‘Medical Decisions Relating to Minors in Qatar’ (2021-24).

Textbooks and Chapters:

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Should Parents Have a Right to Determine Where a Child Dies?’ in K.A. Choong (ed.) (2019) Medical Futility and the Best Interests of the Child. Trivent Publishing (ISSN 2630-8185);

· L. Cherkassky, (2014) Medical Law: Text, Cases and Materials. Pearson Longman (9781447901204);

· L. Cherkassky, (2012) Course Notes: Criminal Law. Routledge Hodder Education (9781444146547);

· L. Cherkassky, (2011) Legal Skills. Palgrave Macmillan (9780230230088).

Published Journal Articles and Case Notes:

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Performing electro-ejaculation on incompetent men for procreative purposes: is it lawful?’ (under construction);

L. Cherkassky, 'Very Young Girls and the Abortion Act 1967' (under construction)

 L. Cherkassky, 'Jennings v Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority: Posthumous Surrogacy with Inferred Consent' (2023) 139 Law Quarterly Review 19-25;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Incapacitated Patients, Assisted Reproductive Technology, and the Importance of Consent’ (2023) 43(4) Legal Studies 676-694;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Is Interference with a Corpse for Procreative Purposes a Criminal Offence?’ (2022) 85(3) Modern Law Review 577-597,;

· L. Cherkassky ‘The Use of Assisted Reproductive Technology to Create Posthumous Grandchildren’ (2021) 35(1) International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family,;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Re: AB (Termination of Pregnancy) EWCA Civ 1215: wishes and feelings under the Mental Capacity Act 2005’ (2020) 28(3) Medical Law Review 605-614;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Y v A Healthcare Trust [2018] EWCOP 18 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005: Taking Gamete Retrieval to the Bank’ (2019) 135 Law Quarterly Review 209-214;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Twenty-Seven Years of Controversy: The Perils of PGD’ (2017) 1(6) International Journal of Paediatrics and Neonatal Health 141-156;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Human Tissue Authority New Draft Code: Supporting Child Donors or Supporting Parents?’ (2017) 5(2) Legal Issues Journal 1-21;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘A Gift or a Waste? Quintavalle, Surplus Embryos and the Abortion Act 1967’ (2017) 23(2) The New Bioethics 1-9;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Quintavalle: The Quandary in Bioethics’ (2016) 29 Journal of Law and Health 164-190;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘The Interfamilial Principle and the Harvest Festival’ (2016) 23 European Journal of Health Law 30-48;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘The Human Tissue Authority and Saviour Siblings’ (2015) 3 Journal of Bone Marrow Research 158-167;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Gillick, Bone Marrow and Teenagers’ (2015) Medico-Legal Journal 83: 154-158;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Selecting a Disabled Embryo Can Constitute Grievous Bodily Harm’ (2015) Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland, 21(1);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Children and the Doctrine of Substituted Judgment’ (2015) Medical Law International, vol. 1, 1-23;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘The Wrong Harvest: The Law on Saviour Siblings’ (2015) The International Journal of Law, Policy and Family, vol.1, 1-20;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘A Fair Trial? The Assessment of Liver Transplant Candidates with Psychiatric Illnesses’ (2011) Journal of Medical Ethics, vol.37(12);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘The Secret World of Liver Transplant Candidate Assessment’ (2011) Medical Law International, vol.11(2);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Does the U.S. Do It Better? A Comparative Analysis of Liver Allocation Protocols in the United Kingdom and the United States’ (2011) Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, vol.20(3);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Rational Rejection? The Ethical Complications of Assessing Organ Transplant Candidates in the UK and the USA’ (2010) Journal of Law and Medicine, vol. 18(1);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Being Informed: The Complexities of Knowledge, Deception and Consent when Transmitting HIV’ (2010) The Journal of Criminal Law, vol. 74(3), 242;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Presumed Consent in Organ Donation: Is the Duty Finally Upon Us?’ (2010) European Journal of Health Law, vol. 17(2), 149;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘The Meaning of ‘Wrong’ in the M’Naghten Test’ [2009] Criminal Lawyer, No.189 (8);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Genocide: Punishing a Moral Wrong’ (2009) International Criminal Law Review, (9) 301-319;

· L. Cherkassky, C. Gale, and J. Guth, ‘Engaging New Law Lecturers and Reflections on the Engagement’ (2009) The Law Teacher, vol. 43(2);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘What Distinguishes the Evil of Genocide and How Should We Respond to It?’ (2008) The International Journal of Punishment and Sentencing, vol. 4(3), 110;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Kennedy and Unlawful Act Manslaughter: An Unorthodox Application of the Doctrine of Causation’ (2008) The Journal of Criminal Law, vol. 72(5), 387;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘R v Hendy: Intoxication and Diminished Responsibility’ (2007) The Journal of Criminal Law, 71(3), 203-208.

Published Book Reviews:

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Saviour Siblings: A Relational Approach to the Welfare of the Child in Selective Reproduction by Shelia McLean’, (2016) European Journal of Health Law, vol. 23, 103-112;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘How Leading Lawyers Think: Expert Insights into Judgment and Advocacy by Randall Kiser’ (2012) International Journal of Law and Management, vol. 54(3), 242;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Criminal Liability for Non-Aggressive Death by C.M.V. Clarkson and Sally Cunningham’ (2010) Legal Studies, vol. 3(3), 502;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Criminal Law by Nicola Padfield’ (2009) The International Journal of Learning in Education, vol. 43(3), 327;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Criminal Law: Doctrine and Theory by William Wilson’ (2009) The International Journal of Learning in Education, vol. 43(3), 329;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘International Criminal Law by Antonio Cassese’ (2009) Legal Studies, vol. 29(1), 171;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Criminal Law: Text and Materials by Clarkson and Keating’ (2008) The International Journal of Learning in Education, vol. 42(1), 140.

Conference Presentations:

L.Cherkassky, 'Posthumous Conception: The Mystery of Gamete Retreival' 29th June 2023, University of Oxford, Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference;

L.Cherkassky, 'Posthumous Conception: The Sexual Assault of Corpses?' 9th May 2022, University of Manchester Postgraduate Research Conference;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Posthumous conception: doing deceased men justice?’ World Association for Medical Law 26th World Congress, 13th August 2020 Toronto, Canada (accepted – cancelled Covid);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Posthumous Retrieval of Sperm for Fertility Treatment’ 25th-28th June 2019, Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics Annual Consortium, Reid Hall, Paris;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘How to do a PhD Through Publication’ 27th April 2016, University of Derby Postgraduate Research Conference;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘A PhD Through Publication’ 3rd July 2015, Annual Research Conference, University of Derby;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Share Your Toys, Share Your Kidneys: Child Organ Donors’ 15th December 2014, Lancaster Medical School;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Does the U.S. do it better? A comparative analysis of liver allocation protocols in the United Kingdom and the United States’ International Bioethics Retreat, 20th-26th June 2011, Cambridge University;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘International Ethical Challenges Behind the Allocation of Scarce Organs’ Centre for Social Ethics and Policy Senior Seminar Series, 2009 - 2010 Session, 24th February 2010, University of Manchester;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Ethical Challenges Behind the Allocation of Scarce Organs’ The Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, 7th September 2009, Keele University;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘E-Learning in Law: are we doing enough?’ Association of Law Teachers Annual Conference, Amsterdam, 7th April 2009;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Pot Luck for Students: Tutor A or Tutor B?’ The Learning in Law Annual Conference for The Higher Education Academy, 24th January 2009, Warwick University;

· L. Cherkassky, and C. Gale, ‘Engaging Law Lecturers and Reflections on the Engagement’ Association of Law Teachers Annual Conference, 17th March 2008, Oxford University.


L. Cherkassky, ‘Reforming The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990: Consent And Posthumous Conception’ Society of Legal Scholars, 14th July 2023,


'Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Research Support Internships Scheme, paid student intern for research project: 'A Health Board v AZ [2023] EWHC 2517 and the Abortion Act 1967', £470, 2023-24, University of Exeter.

‘Access to Internships (A2i)’ paid student intern for research project: ‘Young Girls and the Abortion Act 1967’, £2,047, December 2023-June 2024, University of Exeter.

£2,500 from the Society of Legal Scholars 'Small Projects and Events Fund' (Registered Charity No: 282719), One-Day Workshop: 'Reforming the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990: Consent and Posthumous Conception' May 2024.

£2,260 from the Institute of Medical Ethics (Registered Charity No.261876, Ref: IMESEMSER20): Annual Seminar Competition 2019/2020, 31st January 2020 - 30th December 2020, ‘Fertility, the Law and Trans-Pregnancies’ conference with Manchester University Law School.

£695, College of Social Sciences and International Studies (SSIS), Associate-Dean of Research (ADR) grant (internal): ‘Tavistock and Puberty Blockers Away Day’. February-July 2022.

Visiting Professorship:

Western University, Ontario, Canada, in ‘Comparative Medical Law and Ethics’, January 2019.


Exeter Law Review (2022+)

The Journal of Medical Law and Ethics, Paris Legal Publishers (2013-2020);

Derby Law Journal, University of Derby (2019-2021);

Journal Review Board: International Journal of Social Science Studies (2018-2021);

Reviewer: Annals of Transplantation; Medical Law Review; Journal of Medical Ethics; Medical Law International; Longman Press; Oxford University Press; Hodder Publishing; Routledge Cavendish Press; Cambridge University Press.

Widening Participation: local college open days, school challenge days, 'Just Imagine Working Here' inititative with Derby Council and local primary schools.

Professional Memberships:

Society of Legal Scholars;

Fellow of Advance HE (formally the Higher Education Academy);

Association of Law Teachers;

UK Centre for Legal Education;

Institute of Medical Ethics;

Socio-Legal Studies Association;

World Association for Medical Law;

European Association of Health Law.

External Examinerships:

Nottingham Trent University (2019-2021);

Teesside University (2016-2021);

Anglia Ruskin University (2015-2017);

University of Northampton (2011-2015).

Other Awards:

‘Lecturer of the Year’ in the College of Business, Law and Social Sciences, University of Derby (2019).

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