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Professor Clair Gammage



Clair joined Exeter Law School in 2022 as Professor in International Commercial Law and took up the role of Head of School in April 2023. As a scholar of international trade law and development, Clair’s research focuses on the diverse ways that trade law and governance intersects with sustainable development, gender, human rights, labour and environment. Her research is concerned with the relationship between international trade and power, and identifying the regulatory and governance gaps that exist in the multilateral trading system. Clair’s specific expertise lies in the implementation of regional trade agreements and their social, economic and cultural effects for stakeholders in developing countries. Her forthcoming monograph, Women and Trade: Promoting Gender Equality and Social Justice through the International Trading System, will be published with Bristol University Press in 2025.

Clair has consulted for the UK government on trade matters and she has provided expert evidence before both the UK government and EU parliament. In 2022, she was appointed to the UK government Trade and Domestic Advisory Group as a member of the Trade and Public Policy (TaPP) network. In 2023, Clair has delivered expert-level training to UK government officials on trade and development and she has previously acted as an expert reviewer for Chatham House in its work on free trade agreements and human rights. Clair is currently an Advisor to the Independent Commission on UK-EU Relations and is working with the organisation to generate research on the social and ethical implications of post-Brexit industrial legislation and policies for regional communities in the UK.

Clair has taught across the core law subjects (Constitutional Rights, Trusts and EU law) and specialist subjects (advanced EU law, World Trade Law, and International Trade and Investment Law) at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has successfully supervised PhD students to completion and welcomes expressions of interest from new doctoral candidates who have a shared interest in international trade law, development and power.

Clair holds a LLB and LLM International Law (Nottingham), and a MSc Socio-Legal Studies and PhD in Law (Bristol). She was formerly Associate Professor/Reader at the University of Bristol, where she also acted as the Faculty Education Director for Undergraduate Studies in Social Sciences in Law (2021-2), School Education Director in Law (2020-1) and the Director for Employability (2015-18). 

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Clair welcomes PhD applications from students pursuing interdisciplinary projects that address inequalities and power asymmetries in international trade law. 

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