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Dr Swati Gola


Amory A024


Swati is interested in assessing the impact of trade liberalisation on human rights. She has written papers on intellectual property rights in India, Socio-Legal Implications of Reproductive Tourism in India and Medical Tourism and Health Equity. Prior to coming to Exeter, she taught Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning and Criminal law at Leicester Law School.

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WTO; GATS; Medical Tourism; Right to Health, Trade liberalisation and implications for human rights and social justice; Conflict of norms in international law; Surrogacy

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Currently co-supervising a PhD thesis titled: Investor v Host State in Oil and Gas Investment Agreements: A Case for Good Faith, Jurisdiction and Arbitrability for a Stable Investment Environment.

Happy to supervise in the areas of world trade law, human rights and social justice.

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  • Gola S. (2020) Right to Health in GATS: Can The Public Health Exception Pave the Way for Complementarity?, Pace International Law Review, volume 33, pages 75-114. [PDF]


  • Gola S. (2019) Right to health in GATS: can the public health exception pave the way for complementarity?, PEPA/SIEL, Kings College London, 30th - 31st May 2019, Pace International Law Review, volume 33, no. 1, pages 75-114.



  • Gola S. (2015) International Trade & Health Equity: Have Benefits of Medical Tourism ‘Trickled Down’ to India’s Poor?, Law Social Justice and Global Development Journal.


  • Gola S. (2014) Medical Tourism in India.


  • Gola S. (2013) Global Health and International Community: Ethical, Political and Regulatory Challenges.
  • Gola S. (2013) Reproductive Tourism in “Incredible India”, Journal of Law Teachers of India.
  • Gola S. (2013) Reproductive Tourism in Incredible India.

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Swati studied law in India and practiced as an advocate in Indian law courts. Her interest in the workings of International trade law brought her to England where she pursued her second LLM from Brunel University. She then qualified as a solicitor and practiced in the area of criminal law. Her keen interest in socio-legal implications of trade laws led to a PhD in the area of international trade in healthcare services and the right to health from University of Manchester. She has taught in the Law School at University of Manchester and Leicester Law School before joining the University of Exeter.

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