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Photo of Dr Craig Newbery-Jones

Dr Craig Newbery-Jones

Associate Professor in Law

Amory B244


I joined the Law School as an Associate Professor in Law in January 2022. Prior to this I was an Associate Professor in Legal Education at the University of Leeds (2018-2022), Associate Head of Law, University of Plymouth (2013-2018) and Lecturer and Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Exeter (2010-2013). I am a graduate of the Universities of Exeter (LLB, PhD), Lancaster (LLM by Research) and Plymouth (PGCAP). I am also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

I am dedicated to improving the student learning experience and have a keen interest in pedagogical theory, research and innovation. I have led numerous projects during my career based around Experiential Learning, Technology Enhanced Learning and Problem Based Learning. I am also interested in how law programmes can better embed employability skills in the undergraduate curriculum and have worked on numerous projects that have focused on this specific area of pedagogical practice.

Finally, I am also interested in transition and the transitional experience of students coming to study law at university. I have recently authored the second edition of a  guidebook to studying law with Imogen Moore (University of Exeter) titled Back to top


As an interdisciplinary scholar, my main research interests include: Legal Pedagogy, specifically, Experiential Learning in Law, Technology-Enhanced Learning, Employability Education and Transitional Education; English Legal History, Legal Heritage and Crime Heritage, specifically, Nineteenth Century English Legal History; History of the Press in Nineteenth Century England, Public Engagement with Historical Research and Heritage; Law in Popular Culture, specifically the Lawyer in the Press and Popular Culture; and Legal Professional Ethics.

I have published and delivered papers internationally on subjects related to these interests and I also sit on the editorial boards of a number of journals; including Law, Crime and History, as a general editor.

I am proud to be a founder of and external consultant to the #CHITCHAT (Crime, History and Institutions: Transdisciplinary Conversations in Heritage, Art and Transmedia) Research Initiative now CHEx (Culture and Heritage Exchange). CHEx is a sandpit for research collaboration, and a forum for the development of tools that encourage public engagement with our research findings and other heritage materials. At its core, this initiative engages academic researchers, industry professionals, heritage stakeholders, and the general public in transdisciplinary conversations around Crime, History and Public Institutions through transmedia methods, sources, and platforms. This initiative has included events to bring together various academics, heritage providers, industry professionals, and technical specialists, to discuss possibilities for projects and strategise around methods and platforms for dissemination.

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The school welcomes enquiries from motivated and qualified applicants from all around the world who are interested in PhD study.

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Copyright Notice: Any articles made available for download are for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the copyright holder.

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  • Newbery-Jones C. (2022) ‘The Changes that Face Us’: Science Fiction as (Public) Legal Education, Law, Technology and Humans, volume 4, no. 2, DOI:10.5204/lthj.2488. [PDF]
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  • Firth N, Newbery-Jones C. (2019) Digital assessment for the YouTube generation: Reflective practice in 21st-century legal education, Critical Perspectives on the Scholarship of Assessment and Learning in Law Volume 1: England, ANU Press, 51-78. [PDF]
  • Newbery-Jones C. (2019) Constructing a Popular Public Image: Press Representation of the Barrister in Nineteenth Century England.


  • Newbery-Jones C, Lucas G, Luke M, Stevenson K. (2018) ESRC Festival of Social Science 2017: #CHITCHAT’s ‘Creating Purpose’ Crime History Exhibition, Plymouth Law and Criminal Justice Review, volume 10, pages 185-185.
  • Imogen (Senior Teaching Fellow in Law, Director of Education in the Law School Moore UOB, Moore I, Craig (Associate Head of Law in the School of Law Newbery-Jones UOP, Newbery-Jones C. (2018) The Successful Law Student An Insider's Guide to Studying Law, Oxford University Press.
  • Newbery-Jones C. (2018) Judging the Judges: The Image of the Judge in the Popular Illustrated Press, Judgment in the Victorian Age.




  • Newbery-Jones CJ. (2014) Legal Heroes and Practising Villains in the Nineteenth Century Press, Plymouth Law and Criminal Justice Review, volume 6, no. 1, pages 58-69. [PDF]

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External impact and engagement

Invited Curators of an Exhibition for Plymouth History Month, Devonport Guildhall, May 2018: Devonport’s Conscientious Objectors – The #CHITCHAT team curated a month-long transmedia exhibition hosted in the Devonport Guildhall in association with, Plymouth History Society, RIO (Real Ideas Organisation) and the #CHITCHAT Initiative. This exhibition included a programme of events such as guided public tours, closed educational tours for school children, and a series of academic ‘tea talks’ and ‘on-feet’ seminars.

Invited Curators of an Exhibition for Bodmin Jail, Bodmin Jail, April 2018: Pirates, Policing and Pasties: Crime Heritage in Cornwall – The #CHITCHAT team curated a transmedia exhibition that was hosted in Bodmin Jail in association with the Jail’s research team. This exhibition included a programme of events such as guided tours, academic ‘tea talks’ and ‘on-feet’ seminars. This was targeted at the younger visitor demographics but included engagement activities for all guests.

Invited Participant at Cornerstone Heritage Showcase, University of Plymouth, January 2018: Crime Heritage in the Three Towns: Narrative Based History as Cultural Heritage - Presented a showcase of our research projects and curated an interactive, transmedia exhibition to showcase how the #CHITCHAT team was using analogue and digital technologies to engage the public in historical findings and how a transmedia methodology could engage the public in legal and crime heritage.

Invited Participant at University of Plymouth DVC Research Showcase: Effective Community Engagement, Devonport Guildhall, January 2018: Engagement and (Re)Engagement: Partners in Crime - A poster presentation on how #CHITCHAT is currently engaging academic, student, industry and public stakeholders in our research findings, and an brief talk on how important it is to undertake research that has a direct community benefit to encourage discussion around aspirational research agenda beyond the REF.

Witness Seminar Panel Member, Sustainability in Higher Education Conference, University of Plymouth, January 2018: Sustainability and Pervasiveness of Law: An Experiential Witness Seminar.

ESRC Festival of Social Science, Plymouth University, November 2017: (Re) Purposed Communities: Law, History and Heritage in Devonport - Curator of month-long transmedia exhibition to be hosted in the Devonport Guildhall in association with RIO (Real Ideas Organisation) and #CHITCHAT Initiative. This included a programme of events such as guided public tours, closed educational tours for school children, and two witness seminars that collected oral testimony from relevant stakeholders.

Invited Keynote Speaker at Centre for Legal Education Bi-Annual Conference: ‘Technology, Legal Education and Legal Practice’, June 2017: The Courage to Walk into the Darkness, but Strength to Return to the Light” Technological Experimentation within Legal Education and Legal Practice’.

Invited Speaker at the Powderham Preservation Project, Powderham Castle, June 2017: ‘If we Build it, Will they Come? Built Heritage and Technology’.

Invited Witness Seminar Participant at Lives and Trials Conference, Liverpool John Moores, May 2017: The Timelock Project: Mapping Crime History and Heritage through Transmedia Storytelling.

ESRC Festival of Social Science, Plymouth University, November 2016: Sir Francis Drake: Pirate, Privateer, and Entrepreneur? (Public engagement event based on local research).

Invited Speaker at the Society of Legal Scholars Conference, Legal Education Stream – Special The Law Teacher Panel on Legal Education and Technology, University of Oxford, September 2016: ‘Ethichal Experiments with a D-Pad: Exploring the Potential of Video Games as a Phenomenological Tool for Experiential Legal Education

Invited Speaker at the International Legal Ethics Conference, – Special Panel on Ethics and Popular Culture, Fordham Law School, July 2016: The ‘Superhero’ Paradox: Ethics and Justice and MCU’s Daredevil

ESRC Festival of Social Science, Plymouth University, November 2015: Call of Duty? Justice and Video Games (Public engagement event based on my Law and Humanities article).

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Modules taught

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Craig is originally from Ammanford, Carmarthenshire in South Wales where he attended Amman Valley School for his secondary education and A-levels. Craig holds degrees and qualifications from the University of Exeter, University of Plymouth and Lancaster University. He is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Craig was the first member of his family to go to university and cares deeply about widening participation and universal access to higher education. 

When he is not working, Craig enjoys spending time with his family, particularly exploring the coastlines of South Devon and the great expanse of Dartmoor. He enjoys playing video games, board games and tabletop wargames. Craig also has a passion for film and television serials, many of which often end up in his lectures and scholarship. 

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