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Dr Timothy Wilkinson

Research Fellow


+44 (0) 1392 723350

Lazenby House G.01


I am a social scientist and project manager, working as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Rural Policy Research (CRPR).

My research interests include:

  • sustainable tourism
  • food systems
  • farm enterprises
  • natural and cultural heritage

My work on sustainable tourism considers destination change in the context of the pandemic.  This stems from a regional development project called Bio-Cultural Heritage Tourism.  

With colleagues at the CRPR, I have authored reports on the barriers and opportunities to the public procurement of food in the South West, the South West Farm Survey 2020 and the lessons of COVID-19 for the UK food system.

I am interested in impacts of COVID-19 on the food system and the evolution of farm enterprise management after Brexit.

I work across the project lifecycle and have a strong interest in research ethics and governance.  

I have a geographical interest in the South West of England.  Some of my studies have focussed on landscapes designated for their natural and cultural heritage, including the North Devon UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and Exmoor National Park. 

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  • sustainable tourism
  • food systems
  • farm enterprises
  • natural and cultural heritage

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