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Dr William White

Senior Lecturer


Dr William White joined the University of Exeter Law School in January 2020 from his previous post at the University of Kent. At Exeter, he served as Subject Lead for Law in Cornwall from 2020 to 2023 while the new programmes there were being established. He now holds the role of Senior Tutor for the new Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Cornwall.

 Dr White's dominant interest, developed over the course of 20+ years' teaching experience, lies in education which provides the possibility of a transformative moment for the student: when what is taught ceases to be merely instrumental, and becomes, as Entwhistle and Marton put it, 'a window through which aspects of reality become visible, and more intelligible'. This has driven his interest in the 'how' of higher education: how should teaching be delivered in such a way that students can engage with it meaningfully? How can assessment be used to help students develop their grasp of skills, as opposed to merely being used to certify knowledge and skills? How can our approach to education best take into account student welfare? How can the teaching of substantive law simultaneously and effectively focus on the express development of legal skills? - and so on. Dr White convenes and teaches on the LLB/BBL undergraduate module LAW3017C (Land Law) and also teaches on LAW3041C (Trusts) and LAW3112C (Law and Technology). He holds an LLB in English and German Law and a PhD (Kent).

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Dr White's research interests lie in legal education and in intellectual property.

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