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Shreya Shankar

Second year LLB Law

As a kid, the only thing I ever wanted to do after growing up was to be a pilot. My family always thought the legal profession was my calling. It was not until much later that I realised that being a lawyer was what I wanted more than anything else.

My first interaction with the law came as part of my studies through my first degree in Journalism where I was exposed to Media law. Having studied the module left me with a stronger desire to study law in depth.

The transition from home to University can be a daunting one, and more so when one is used to the same pattern and method of teaching for 15 years at a stretch. One of the major hurdles for me was to adapt to the teaching techniques adopted at University. While this is not my first University experience, getting used to the varied methods adopted to teach the degree took time and effort to get used to. To start with, I was very confident in my abilities to write well worded essays owing to my degree in Journalism. I thought being able to write essays and/or opining came more easily to me. The first major blow to this thought came with my assessment feedback for the first ever submission at University in the first year.

From that point on, I knew that the legal degree required a different approach and whatever your previous academic background may be, one has to start afresh. For anyone willing to pursue law, it is not easy. It requires a certain amount of dedication and consistent hard work but at the end of the day, it is all worth the effort and it leaves you with a sense of achievement in your abilities.

There have been times when all I have done is cry for not being able to cope with the immense workload, been grumpy for not getting enough sleep, been absolutely bogged down by the rut of university and a non-existent social life, and these are the times when my friends and family have supported me. It is fine to cry, but remember to get back up and start over. If there is one thing that I have learnt at law school , itis that there is no such thing as an impossible task. It is all doable; maybe a little challenging but I think the best lawyers are the ones that are able to overcome those challenges.

The study of the law isn’t meant to be easy, but it will leave you intellectually stimulated and at the end of it all, it allows you to be a part of a process that is more rewarding than a few hard years at University.