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Centre for European Legal Studies

CELS Lasok Lecture 2023:

In our centenary year our Lasok Lecture was held on Wednesday 8 November 2023 by Christopher Docksey, Honorary Director-General of the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) and past lecturer at Exeter Law School.

The topic of the lecture was 'The Court of Justice and Traits and Trends in Data Protection Law'.

We were delighted to also welcome Dr.Paul Lasok, Exeter alumnus and son of Dominik Lasok to introduce this lecture.

Lasok Lecture series

The annual Lasok Lecture, held since 1977, attracts eminent speakers including EU commissioners, politicians and judges to deliver a paper on an aspect of European Union law of current and significant interest to a wide public audience. All Lasok lectures are held on the Streatham Campus and video linked to our Cornwall Campus.

The lectures are named after Dominik Lasok QC (1921-2000), Emeritus Professor of European Law. Professor Lasok was one of the pioneers of the academic world of European Law. As the first Director of the University of Exeter's Centre for European Legal Studies, Professor Lasok developed the LLM European Law. He received many honours including Honorary Doctorates from Universities in Aix-Marseilles, Istanbul and Poznan, honorary membership of the Virginia Bar, the Polish Order of Merit and was an officer of the French L'Ordre des Palmes Academiques. As a tribute to this remarkable man, the University has a memorial fund in his name, the money from which is used to improve the resources of the Lasok Law Library.

Previous Lectures

(Due to the Covid pandemic there were no lectures 2019-2021)

CELS Lasok Lecture 2018: "Quo vadis, civis Europeus?" by Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the EU, Eleanor Sharpston QC

CELS Lasok Lecture 2017: "Brexit and Human Rights" by Professor Steve Peers

On March 15, Professor Steve Peers (University of Essex) was invited by the Centre for European Legal Studies to give the annual Lasok Lecture on the topic of "Brexit and Human Rights". It captivated our audience and led to an interesting debate. The lecture has been recorded for those of our students and colleagues who have not been able to attend: Watch here.


YearSpeakerTitle of Lecture
October 1977 Professor Andreas Matthias Donner
Judge and Former President of the Court of Justice of the European Communities
The Court of Justice as a Constitutional Court of the Communities.
February 1979 Lord Mackenzie Stuart
Judge of the Court of Justice of the European Communities
The Freedom of Movement of Goods.
February 1980 Christopher Tugendhat
Commissioner of the European Communities
European Community Budgetary Issues.
April 1981 Dr Claus-Dieter Ehlermann
Director General of the Legal Service of the Commission of the European Communities
The Role of the Legal Service of the Commission of the European Communities in the Creation of Community Law.
February 1982 Rt.Hon. Douglas Hurd, CBE, MP
Minister of State, Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Prospects for the European Community in 1982.
March 1983 Alan R Tyrrell, QC, MEP The Parliamentary Challenge to the Community Law Making Process.
May 1984 Ivor Richard, QC
Commissioner of the European Communities
The Future of Community Social Legislation.
May 1985 Sir Gordon Slynn
Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the European Communities
Judicial Review of Community Administrative Acts.
January 1986 Stanley Clinton Davis
Member of the Commission of the European Communities
The European Community: 
Law in Action.
January 1987 John Temple Lang
Legal Adviser, Legal Service of the Commission of the European Communities
The Duties of National Courts under the Constitutional Law of the European Community.
January 1988 Advocate General Carl Otto Lenz
The European Court of Justice
The Court of Justice of the European Communities 35 years on.
February 1989 Henry G Schermers
Professor of Law, Leiden University
European Law on "Illegitimate" Children.
February 1990 Advocate General Francis Jacobs 
The European Court of Justice
Judicial Process in the European Court and the Role of the Advocate General.
March 1991 Judge David Edward
Judge at the Court of First Instance of the European Community
The Future Shape of the Community's Judicial System.
Feb 1992 Dr Bernhard Schloh
Legal Adviser to the Council of Ministers of the European Communities
The Implications of Maastricht.
March 1993 The Rt.Hon. Lord Oliver of Aylmerton
Treasurer of Lincoln's Inn, Retired Lord of Appeal
The European Horizon of an English Judge.
February 1994 Kurt Almestad
President EFTA Surveillance Authority
The Legal Nature of the European Economic Area.
May 1995 Professor Ole Due
Former President, European Court of Justice
How to understand the judgments of the Court of Justice.
May  1996 Professor Pieter van Dijk
Member, Council of the State, The Netherlands, and Judge at the European Court of Human Rights
Judicial Protection of Human Rights in Europe; Divergence, Co-ordination or Integration?
May  1998 The Honourable Michael Beloff, QC
The President, Trinity College, Oxford
What does it all mean? 
How to interpret the Human Rights Act.
May  1999 The Rt Hon Sir Edward Heath, KG MBE MP
Britain and European Integration since 1945.
May  2000 António Vitoríno 
EC Commissioner
 The Charter of Fundamental Rights as a foundation for the area of freedom, security and justice.
May  2001 Professor Aslan Gündüz
Mamara University, Istanbul
Enlargement of the European Union – a view form the East with specialreference to Turkey.
May 2002 Joseph H. H. Weiler
European Union Jean Monnet Professor of Law, Director, The Centre for International and Regional Economic Law, New York University (NYU), School of Law.
The Convention on the Future of the European Union: some 'Unconventional' Observations.
May 2003 Thymen Koopmans
Former Judge of the Court of Justice of the European Communities, emeritus Professor of Law, Leiden, Utrecht and Cambridge
Law, Politics and the Judiciary in the European Union
March 2004 Gisela Stuart MP
Labour MP for Birmingham Edgbaston, former representative for national parliaments on the presidium of the Convention on the Future of Europe.
The Making of Europe's Constitution
March 2005 Paul Lasok QC 
Monckton Chambers
The European Constitution: New Wine or Old?
March 2006 Prof Dr Georg Ress
Professor of International Law, University of Bremen, Germany
June 2007 Judge Nicholas Forwood of the Court of the First Instance of the European Communities The European Court of Justice - new Structures for a new era
March 2008 Professor Stephen Weatherill
Jacques Delors Professor of European Law and a Fellow of Somerville College, University of Oxford.
The Failure of the EU's Constitution-Making Project, and Some Other Reasons to be Cheerful.
The lecture can be viewed again:mms://
March 2009 Professor Bruno De Witte Institutional change in the European Union: its mechanisms and its nature
Watch the lecture online now
March 2010 Professor Andrea Biondi from King’s College London The lecture can be viewed again as it was recorded using our video conferencing facilities.
May 2011 Professor Paolo Mengozzi, First Advocate General of the European Court of Justice The judicial protection of individual rights and the principle of proportionality after the Lisbon Treaty’.
May 2012 Professor Allan Rosas, Judge at the Court of Justice of the European Union The title of the lecture was 'Balancing Fundamental Rights in European Law'.
March 2013 Professor Mattias Kumm
Inge Rennert Professor of Law at New York University School of Law and Research Professor on Globalization and the Rule of Law at the Social Science Research Center and Humboldt University in Berlin
'Human dignity, proportionality and judicial review in Europe: understanding the structure of human rights practice on law'

April 2015 Professor Norbert Reich
Emeritus Professor of Private law and European Economic Law at the University of Bremen, Visiting Professor of Law and Governance at Groningen University, the Netherlands, and is a renowned expert on European private law.
"EU Citizenship - Progressive Concept or Regressive Failure?”
April 2016

Diana Wallis, Senior Fellow, University of Hull, School of Law
President, European Law Institute, Vienna and former Vice President of the European Parliament

21st Century European Civil Justice; Looking for the view from the Hedgehogs
March 2017

Professor Steve Peers (University of Essex)

Brexit and Human Rights

March 2018

Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the EU, Eleanor Sharpston QC

Quo vadis, civis Europeus?