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Advocacy Week

We all advocate for positions all our lives - whether in smaller ways, such as when we seek to persuade our friends that we should go swimming today, or in larger ways, such as when we take a position on the direction that our employer's business enterprise should take. Within the legal profession, lawyers will advocate for their clients - and so on.

Whatever the setting, advocacy is a skill, but one which law schools in England tend not to teach outright. As part of our approach to remedying that, our Advocacy Week will run for the first time in January 2022. This is planned to be a week-long event for first- and second-year law and business students at Penryn, focusing on in-person (oral) advocacy and written advocacy.

Experts from the legal profession will be invited to speak with our students about what makes a successful advocate, and students will participate in a series of workshops to put advocacy techniques into practise. They will then have the opportunity to further put what they have learnt into practise as the term progresses - whether that is within seminars or in the form of a mock trial or negotiation between lawyers.