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“This is a great opportunity to expand your commercial awareness by working with real-life businesses on overcoming their challenges as well as enhancing your teamwork skills.”

Cathalina, IMPACT 2020 student participant



IMPACT is a week-long event exclusive to second-year law and business students at Penryn. Students are given the opportunity to grow their commercial awareness and problem-solving skills by working with real businesses to develop solutions to challenges those businesses are currently facing. During the event, students also take part in sessions led by industry experts to develop their professional skills and improve their solution, which they pitch to clients at the end of the week. As with all our programme opportunieis, IMPACT can be delivered online or in person through the use of digital platforms and our virtual learning environment.

How IMPACT benefits our students

IMPACT gives our students opportunities to:

  • develop interpersonal skills such as effective communication, teamwork, and leadership;
  • grow their interdisciplinary knowledge across law and business through practical experiences;
  • expand their connections with other students across the Law and Business programmes; and
  • get feedback from business owners - and potentially see their solutions applied by businesses in the real world!

Watch one of our previous IMPACT pitches

What our IMPACT business partners say

“Being involved in IMPACT 2020 was, first and foremost, fun. We were really impressed by the quality of work and the enthusiasm of students, who had great business insights. The challenges of working to a tight deadline as a team will be great practise for their working life." Ian Fitzgerald, Managing Director of Rick Stein's

"I will definitely be implementing this [student solution] when we return to work after lockdown, creating new social media accounts and spending time developing a new and separate website (thanks guys!)." Abi Taylor, Managing Director at Wild Harbour

"I am extremely impressed with the ideas presented and some of the recommendations will be implemented immediately." Amber Sobey, Member of the Management Team at Swannacott Manor Meats