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Student Societies

Student societies

University life goes beyond academic study, and student societies are an important part of that life. They provide an opportunity to get to know people, to bond over common interests and aspirations, to benefit others, and much, much more besides.

The University is home to many student societies, including over 150 at Penryn. Some of these have been set up by our students and are supported by the Law and Business Schools; take a look at the drop-down menu below to find out more about them and to see whether you might be interested in getting involved!

Flamank Law Society was set up to establish a law network for students at our Penryn Campus. The Society was named after Thomas Flamank, lawyer and Cornish MP. Together with the legendary Michael An Gof, they led the Cornish Rebellion of 1497, a protest against taxes imposed by Henry VII.

What we do:

Working with law firms

Flamank works closely with the Law School and also a number of law firms, including local firms such as Murrell Associates and Stephens Scown as well as large international law firms like Herbert Smith Freehills and Allen & Overy. As well as inviting external speakers, we aim to help give members opportunities to build their professional networks and access to various employability opportunities.


We hold mooting and debating events in our ‘Stannary Court’ at Penryn Campus and take part in competitions further afield including Inner Temple Varsity Mooting.


We regularly hold social gatherings, events, and sports training, to celebrate the coming together of our community. Our past events have included our Christmas soirée, our new year's ball, quiz nights, and participating in inter-society football tournaments.


Want to keep up to date with upcoming events and pro-bono opportunities?

Connect with us on Facebook, or become a member on the Flamank Students' Union page.

The Lawyers without Borders Student Division at Penryn Campus is focused on advancing access to justice, human rights, and the rule of law. Our Student Division works under the Lawyers without Borders NGO, which is an international non-governmental, non-profit organisation, registered in the United States, United Kingdom, and Kenya.

What we do:

LWOB engage in a wide of activities such as fundraising and research with the LWOB NGO, hosting speaker events, and attending inter-university competitions and webinars. Our annual flagship event, however, is participation in the Rule of Law Innovation Challenge.

Rule of Law Innovation Challenge (ROLIC)

The Rule of Law Innovation Challenge is a competition which requires members to create an innovative educational mechanism to solve a rule of law or access to justice problem, such as trafficking in persons, wildlife crime, or trial advocacy. As a LWOB student division we partner with a professional law firm who support us via mentorship, coaching, and by providing invaluable feedback. The challenge also provides an opportunity for students to marry creativity with legal knowledge and practice, since the final educational mechanisms developed can be in a variety of formats, such as a series of educational videos, story books, or even an active campaign.

Through the workings of the Student Division, we seek to play an integral role in enhancing access to justice by educating our community about the justice sector and shining a light on key rule of law and human rights issues.

Want to keep up to date with upcoming events and opportunities?

Connect with us on Facebook, or become a member on the LWOB Students' Union page.

Inspired by the United Nations human rights treaty body system, the 7 Principles Advisory Committee (7 PAC) was founded in 2020 to foster a culture based on human rights, in which we learn and act in accordance with guidelines that advocate for equality, diversity and inclusivity at the Law School. The 7 PAC is student-led and advises student firms on the implementation of the seven principles set out by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. These principles underpin the SRA's expectations with regard to ethical behaviour on the part of solicitors. In doing this, the 7 PAC not only helps secure the implementation of the principles, but itself becomes a learning tool for all firm and committee members.

The Women in Business Society aims to help build confidence and empower young professionals to enable them to pursue their aspirations. Notwithstanding the name, you don't need to be a woman or in business - we are open to all!

What we do:

Employability Workshops

Our interactive online or in-person employability workshops cover a wide range of topics including, but not exclusive to:

  • personal branding;
  • body language in a digital world;
  • networking online and offline;
  • starting a side-hustle;
  • enhancing your communication skills;
  • developing a resilience mindset;
  • pitching and public speaking; and
  • setting up and running a sustainable business.

Networking Events and Guest Speakers

Women in Business believe networking is one of the best ways to empower yourself and increase your job opportunities. We hold events both online and in person with previous speakers including Manda Brookman (director of 'Permanently Brilliant'), Emily Stevenson (founder of 'Beach Guardian'), Amanda Goodwin (Impact Partnership Development Manager at 'Tevi') and Hannah Pearce  (owner and founder of Falmouth’s plastic-free shop 'un_rap').


We regularly hold in-person or online get-togethers with our members, guests, and other societies too! These include motivational coffee mornings, casual drinks evenings, and bus-to-beach socials.

Want to keep up to date with upcoming events and opportunities?

Connect with us on Facebook, or become a member on the WiB Students' Union page.