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Law undergraduate modules at Penryn Campus in Cornwall, 2023-24






The module details in this section are only applicable to students who will be studying them between September 2023 and August 2024.

If you wish to look at details for a module you studied in an earlier academic year please see undergraduate modules for other academic years.

If you intend to study one of these modules from September 2024 or later, you may refer to these descriptors as a guide, but please be aware that details they contain – including (but not limited to) reading lists, duration and assessments – may change for your academic year.

The module list for Level One is currently incomplete; this will be finalised in August 2023.

The next compiled module list for the September 2024 - August 2025 academic year will be published here in March 2024 (exact date to be confirmed).

Information for Inbound Exchange Students

Law modules are only open to exchange students who have studied law for the past two years, as most of the modules on offer are at Level 3. If you are unsure as to whether you are eligible to take a Law module, please email for clarification.

Level One

Code Module Title Credits Term(s)
LAW1016C A Legal Foundation for Environmental Protection 15 2
LAW1023C Legal Foundations 1 15 1
LAW1024C Legal Foundations 2 15 2
LAW1027C Constitutional Law 15 2
LAW1028C Human Rights Law 15 1
LAW1040C Criminal Law 1: Foundations 15 1
LAW1041C Criminal Law 2 Companies and Organisations 15 2 and 3

Level Two

Code Module Title Credits Term(s)
LAW2004C Contract Law 30 1
LAW2015C The Law of Torts 30 2
LAW2016C Environmental Regulation and Redress 15 1
LAW2114C Introduction to Professional Placement 1 and 2
LAW2115C Legal Foundations for Sustainable Business 15 2

Level Three

Code Module Title Credits Term(s)
LAW3016C Legal Response to Environmental Destruction 15 2
LAW3017C Land Law 30 1 and 2
LAW3041C Trusts 30 1 and 2
LAW3047C Dissertation 30 1 and 2
LAW3084C Constitutional Law 15 2
LAW3085C Human Rights Law 15 1
LAW3108C Business and Human Rights Law 15 1
LAW3109C Law Placement 120 1, 2 and 3
LAW3110C Legal Research Paper 1 15 1
LAW3111C Legal Research Paper 2 15 2
LAW3112C Law and Technology 15 2
LAW3194C The Law of Corporate Finance 15 2
LAW3195C Corporate Law, Theory and Governance 15 1
LAW3300C Law and Policy for Sustainability 15 1