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2020/21 award winners.

Cornwall Law Society awards prize for Outstanding Legal Academic Performance

The Cornwall Law Society Prize for Outstanding Legal Academic Performance is awarded on the basis of academic excellence in Law modules by Law with Business students at the University of Exeter's Penryn Campus in Cornwall. The winners for the 2020/21 academic year have just been announced.

Dr Caroline Keenan, Director of Education for the Law School, Cornwall said: “This prize is another example of our valued partnership with the Cornwall Law Society, which works to support our students to become ‘the most useful person in the room’ following their graduation. We are delighted to confirm that this year’s prize is jointly awarded to Shawlin Hussain and Will Ellis - selected by the Law School as those students who had consistently demonstrated outstanding legal skills in both assessed and class work throughout the year across a broad range of subjects.

Anthony Deacon, Immediate Past President of the Society said: “The Cornwall Law Society congratulates Shawlin and Will on being joint winners of the second ‘Cornwall Law Society’s Prize for Outstanding Legal Academic Performance’. The Cornwall Law Society established links with the University’s Business and Law Faculty at the Penryn Campus from its initial intake of students in 2019 and is delighted that that relationship has not only been maintained but has strengthened. The Society was therefore keen to sponsor an annual award to recognise its commitment to the Business and Law Faculty.

On receiving the news of their awards, Shawlin said: “I am honoured to have won the Cornwall Law Society Award for Outstanding Academic Performance for 2020/21. I would like to thank my lecturers, who continued to deliver high-quality teaching despite the challenges of Teams and Zoom. I’d also like to thank my fellow students and firm members who made first year really fun, despite the pandemic!

Joint-winner Will, also added: “I'm delighted to have won the Cornwall Law Society Award - I was over the moon to have received it! I'd really like to pass on my thanks to the Cornwall Law Society for the award. I'd also like to thank the lecturers for all their help and support over the year, particularly in the COVID lockdown where teaching was of an amazing quality even remotely. I've loved the course, its structure and the teaching, all of which have really encouraged me to push myself and I'm delighted that my hard work has been recognised with such an amazing award!

Anthony Deacon added: “The Society hopes that the Cornwall Law Society’s Prize for Outstanding Legal Academic Performance is an award which all of the Faculty’s students will aspire to achieve and that it will be a notable achievement for its recipients, which will benefit them in their future careers. We wish Shawlin and Will all best wishes in their future legal careers.

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Date: 3 May 2022