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‘The Dignity of Women: A Superpower’ - An animation on human dignity and women 

Marking International Women’s Day with a short animation on human dignity & women.

To mark International Women's Day 2023, Catherine Dupré was pleased to share ‘The Dignity of Women: A Superpower’, a short animation that she co-produced with the NGO Dignity Rights International and Tofu Creative.

This forms part of her ongoing project on the connections between the concept of human dignity, human rights and liberal democracy. Reflecting on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights commitment that ‘all human beings are born equal in dignity and in rights’ (article 1), her project explores the significance of that commitment for a more inclusive understanding of democracy which values all human beings regardless of who they are.

Recent increases in attacks on women’s rights around the world,  and in particular on their reproductive freedom, have highlighted how important it is to remember that women too are human beings and should be fully involved in collective decision-making as well as in decisions affecting their own lives.

To find out more of Catherine's research work and information about the Human Rights Democracy Forum, head to our webpage here.

Date: 10 March 2023