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Jia Hao cooks for friends. "I have fond memories of my exchange at Fudan University, for the intellectual discussions we had over meals, for the vibrant culture of embracing divergent opinions, and respect that we had for one another."

A summer in Shanghai: Law Student Jia Hao Kwek experiences both work and study in China's commercial centre.

I came to Law School with a background in accounting and finance, and a strong interest in international taxation and investment law. In pursuit of my interest, I have been actively seeking new challenges and opportunities to gain a broader perspective of the industry. In my first summer in law school, I spent two months in Shanghai embarking on the summer programme at Fudan University in the first month, and a month-long internship at Global Law Office, Shanghai in the second month.

At Global Law Office, I assisted the associate in drafting memos, researching and translating legal documents. I am grateful for the trust and guidance of Mr. George Wang and his team as I was exposed to skills that I will not have attained in an academic environment. The experience of working on projects and responding to legal concerns of clients has enhanced my skill sets and developed my perspective of commercial law.

I found the experience and nature of work tremendously compelling, reaffirming my commitment in developing myself as an international commercial lawyer.  In our attempt to define law, we can only succeed by embarking on new challenges, experiences, and forging friendships as we share our ideas to define our perspective of law. The friendships and networks I have forged in Shanghai will last a lifetime, and that defines my summer vacation.

Date: 3 November 2014