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The Royal Palace at Caserta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Image courtesy of

Dr Harrington presents at Language and Law Conference in Italy

Dr Kate Harrington gave a presentation on domestic violence at the 3rd International Conference on Language and Law in Social Practice. 

Organized by the Department of Law at the University of Naples II and held under the auspices of the Scuola Superiore della Pubblica Amministrazione (instituted by the Italian Council of Ministers), the conference took place from 14-17 May at the Royal Palace of Caserta.

Dr Harrington's paper was entiitled 'Domestic Violence and the Myth of the 'Powerful' Victim: the Discourses of Rights and Accountability as Legal Reality'. The paper used both law and linguistics to assess the impact of cultural perception and legal procedure on the progression to outcome in cases of domestic violence. 

Date: 6 June 2014

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