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The inaugural edition of the Exeter Student Law Review was published in May 2015.

Launch of Exeter Student Law Review

The Exeter Student Law Review is a new journal founded by final year LL.B. with European Study undergraduate students, Thomas Dwyer and James Perryman.

Its aim is to provide a platform for high quality academic and legal discussion, allowing University of Exeter students to showcase their talent.

Within the first volume, all submissions were taken from first class summative essays marked during the study of law within the University, meaning there is a diverse range of legal issues discussed. Not only does the Exeter Student Law Review add to the world or academic research, it also builds upon the ever-growing and sustained reputation of the University of Exeter, and its law school.

A new editorial team for 2015/16 has been formed after interviews took place in early May. This means the journal shall be continued for, as the founders hope, years to come.

The founders have described the journal as an ‘exciting journey’ and wish to thank all who supported them in its establishment, including Steve Edge, alumnus of Exeter and Committee Member of the Alumni Network Group.

Limited hard copies will be available in the Amory foyer from Wednesday 20th May and it is also available online:

Date: 15 May 2015

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