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Joseph Lee RH

Dr Joseph Lee Speaks at Tsing-Hua University Law School

Dr Joseph Lee speaks at the Tsing-Hua University Law School in Beijing

Dr Lee participated in the International Commercial Law Conference held at the Tsing-Hua University Law School.

The theme of the conference was modernisation of the legal framework of the capital market. Dr Lee discussed how professionals and professional firms can increase the effectiveness of corporate governance and corporate responsibility. While Chinese capital markets are growing at an impressive speed and the regulators are enforcing governance norms to sustain this growth, the private sector needs to play an increasingly important gatekeeping role in bringing knowledge, expertise, and integrity to the development of the governance framework. The current market place for professional firms needs to be developed to provide a fuller range of expertise and at the same time their regulatory function should not be compromised by over-competition. As corporate groups are moving into unknown territory beyond state boundaries, creating an effective reporting mechanism within those groups is of crucial importance. There is a need to train the next generation of transnational professionals to the extent that they are able to manage corporate risks. There is a need for the OECD and other fora to open discussions on how these transnational professionals can reshape the governance landscape and bring value to the stakeholders of multinational companies. 

Date: 11 December 2015

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