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Joasia RH

Associate Professor Joasia Luzak

Professor Luzak investigates fitness of Consumer Law for the 21st Century

Associate Professor Joasia Luzak, as a member of a consortium chaired by Civic Consulting (Berlin), received the assignment to investigate whether European consumer law is fit for the 21st century or in need of modernisation.

The research assesses the functioning of the Unfair Contract Terms Directive, Consumer Sales Directive and other consumer protection measures, as implemented by the Member States. Dr Luzak will write part of the Polish country report and will be co-responsible for the general report. The European Commission aims to use the outcome of this research to better prepare for the negotiations on the pending proposals for directives on digital content and online sales contracts, as well as to consider next steps in remodelling of European consumer law. More details available here.

Date: 11 April 2016

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