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More information is available on the European Commission website.

EC publishes a study "Consumers' attitudes to T&Cs" collaborated on by Joasia Luzak

The European Commission has published a study on "Consumers' attitudes to Terms and Conditions" conducted by a consortium consisting of Ecorys, Tilburg University, University of Amsterdam and GfK.

The legal expertise for this study was provided by Professor Marco Loos (CSECL, University of Amsterdam) and Associate Professor Joasia Luzak (CESL, University of Exeter; CSECL, University of Amsterdam). Within the study, experiments were conducted to, among other things, examine how quality cues impact consumer attitudes to standard terms and conditions, whether the length and complexity of text of disclosure matters.  A brief summary is available here.

The Commission announced that the results of this study will inform the ongoing review of EU consumer and marketing law. This will be especially relevant for the revision of the Unfair Contract Terms Directive and the Digital Single Market proposals. No specific plans have yet been announced, but this review process is ongoing.

Please find the link to the full study here

Date: 22 September 2016

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