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Pathways students


LLB Law, 2017-2020

I am currently at the University of Exeter thanks to the fantastic opportunities that I received through the Pathways to Law Programme. I have also been of the opinion that every opportunity that you don’t pursue, is an opportunity missed. This is why I joined the Pathways Programme and through this gained incredible work experience at Trowers and Hamlins and also a placement on the National Conference at Warwick University, something I would strongly encourage all students to attend.

Since joining the University, I have become a Pathways to Law Mentor myself, as this is something that I felt passionate about as it allows me to work with students currently completing their own A Levels.  I am able to answer their questions about my own route to Law and encourage them that the hard work they are putting in is definitely worth it in the end.

Due to my interest in helping  Social Mobility I have also co-founded ‘The Breakfast Club’ - a working group for Law students from Widening Participation backgrounds to continue that progress through University and help them overcome any barriers that they feel they are facing whilst studying and living here on campus. This means that we, as a group, do everything from discussing homesickness and how annoying our flat mates are being to reviewing journal articles together and practising speeches for upcoming presentations and assessments.

During 2017-2018, it was ran as a pilot scheme, and due to the incredible feedback from this group, the intention is to continue it into further years and also extend it to first year law students, who will be starting each September in order to ensure that the amazing impact that this has had on students wellbeing and also their academic achievements, will continue in the future.

As a Widening Participation student myself I would say that with programmes such as Pathways and the Breakfast Club in place there is no barrier that is too hard to overcome. If you can see that end goal of Supreme Court Judge, Partner at a Solicitors Firm or a high ranking Barrister, then you can achieve that goal, just like anyone else, with a lot of hard work but also accepting the offers of help along the way.