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6 March 202317:30

GW4 FRS Network and Exeter Law School Baroness Butler-Sloss Annual Family Law Lecture (online)

Unlocking Cohabitation Reform in England and Wales: New Dimensions and Directions. Presented by Guest Speaker Dr Andrew Hayward, University of Durham.. Full details
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23 November 202213:30

FRS Network: Discussion of using big data in family law research led by Prof Judith Masson (Bristol)

Online. Full details
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7 - 8 July 202212:45

Family, Law and Technology: An interdisciplinary workshop

An interdisciplinary workshop on digital futures in family relationships and regulation, hosted by the University of Exeter. Full details
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9 March 202217:30

GW4 FRS Network and Exeter Law School Baroness Butler-Sloss Annual Family Law Lecture

We are delighted to confirm our guest speaker is Professor Gillian Douglas who will speak on Achieving Family Law Reform: Evolution vs. Revolution. Full details
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19 July 20199:30

Building families through surrogacy: a new law - consultation event

The University of Exeter’s GW4 Network on Family, Regulation and Society Network is to host a Law Commission consultation event about whether and how the law of surrogacy should be reformed. Full details
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5 October 201818:00

Network on Family, Regulation and Society Annual Lecture

Updated programme. Reforming Family Law – What Helps and What Hinders? by Professor Liz Trinder, Professor of Socio-Legal Studies, University of Exeter.. Full details
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21 March 201813:30

Rethinking Marriage: Theoretical and Policy Challenges

The Family Regulation and Society Network and the Gender Research Network are jointly running this interdisciplinary event entitled “Rethinking Marriage: Theoretical and Policy Challenges”. Following presentations from the four speakers, see below, the discussion will centre around theoretical and policy challenges to traditional conceptions of marriage, with speakers from Law, Sociology and Theology whose research interests include feminist and queer theory, gender studies, sexuality and marriage, civil and formalised partnerships, polygamy and the implications of intersex and transgender for theologies of marriage. Full details
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25 October 201713:30

Professor Anne Barlow: The Shackleton relationships project

The Challenges of Enduring Love and the Shackleton Project Whilst the secret of everlasting love has up until now proved elusive, this alumna-funded empirical research project was set up to consider how the incidence of relationship breakdown could be reduced through better understanding of the ingredients of successful long-lasting relationships alongside the what we know about the common causes of divorce. Using an analytical framework developed from Gottman’s sound relationship house, this project is seeking to understand whether this applies in and beyond marriage. In its last phase, it is seeking to work with school students on how any findings emerging from the project can be engagingly disseminated to older children through an app or game. The paper will also explore the data collection methods adopted and also engage with the challenges of working with untraditional research funding and an interdisciplinary research agenda.. Full details
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25 November 201515:00

Information regulation and quantum paradox: Speaker Dr James Griffin, Exeter Law School

The School of Law of the University of Exeter organises research seminar series. The seminars are open to staff, researchers, postgraduate students and the university’s stakeholders. The aims of the seminar series are to stimulate intellectual discussion, provoke thoughts, engage in the debate of current issues, and disseminate research findings. Exeter Law School research seminar series is convened by Dr Joseph Lee, Senior Lecturer in Law. If you are interested in attending any of the seminars, please contact Dr Joseph Lee at Full details
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