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Zaina Mahmoud

Zaina Mahmoud

Zaina’s projects, in addition to her PhD on surrogacy, include ‘The Surrogacy Act’ and the panel event, ‘Future Directions in Surrogacy Law’. Her research themes within the network mainly focus on parenthood.



Mahmoud Z (2021). Book Review: Justice and Profit in Health Care Law: A Comparative Analysis of the United States and the United Kingdom. Medical Law Review. 29(3): 574-581.


Mahmoud Z (2020). Book Review: Determining Legal Parentage: Between Family Law and Contract Law. Social & Legal Studies, 29(5): 748-753).


Mahmoud Z (2019). Random Families: Genetic Strangers, Sperm Donor Siblings, and the Creation of New Kin. Child and Family Law Quarterly. 31(2): 165-168.