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Final settlements in financial disputes following divorce

About the project

The first research report as a result of this study helped to provide a richer understanding of private ordering of financial disputes in England and Wales. It explored the ‘how’, when’ and ‘why’ of financial settlement on divorce and included an analysis of the factors that help and hinder settlement of financial disputes following divorce.

The second stage of the research was to provide evidence as to the reality of financial provision on divorce for ordinary people in the ‘everyday’ case.

The findings demonstrated that in cases which obtain a court order, the ‘clean break’ culture is prevalent and that joint lives periodical payments orders between spouses are rare.

Research Team

Emma Hitchings (University of Bristol) (Co-PI) and Joanna Miles (University of Cambridge) (Co-PI)


ESRC IAA Award (2021-2022) (£19,975.86)