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Future Directions in Surrogacy Law

About the project

The event will be an interdisciplinary exploration on the law on surrogacy in the UK, coinciding with the launch of the Law Commission’s Final Report on surrogacy. The aim is to bring together a network of experts, who will critique the recommendations and draft legislation of the Law Commissions’ Report, with a view to shaping positive change in surrogacy law. The panel will present responses to the Law Commissions’ Report on issues including commercial surrogacy, enforceability, and access to origin information for children, from the perspectives of intended parents, surrogates, children, practitioners, and academics. Children under 18 will answer questions about their experiences of surrogacy and there will be a "Children's Experiences Wall" where we would place posters, essays, and photos depicting children’s experiences of surrogacy.

Panel organisers

Zaina Mahmoud (University of Exeter), Katherine Wade (Leicester) and Kirsty Horsey (Kent)


SLS Small Projects and Events Funding (2021-2022)