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Rosie’s Story

Free teaching resources for RSE in the Curriculum for Wales

Rosie’s Story is a is a fun and interactive two-part teaching resource on children’s rights under the UNCRC, including their right to have their voices heard in the decision-making when parents separate (Article 12). 

The resources are for teaching Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) in the Curriculum for Wales. They are aimed at learners working at the level of Progression Steps 2 and 3. They have been devised by Prof. Anne Barlow and Dr Jan Ewing at Exeter Law School in collaboration with two leading national charities, The National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) and The National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC). The resources are based on an idea from the findings of an interdisciplinary research study on healthy relationships across the life course, The HeaRT Project, funded by the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health.

The evidence-based teaching resources are part-funded by Welsh Government and available on HwB, demonstrating that they are at the leading edge of effective teaching practice in RSE. The teaching falls primarily under ‘statements of what matters’ in the Humanities and Health and Well-being  Areas of Learning and Experience (although other statements of what matters may be relevant)Human rights is a cross-cutting theme within the Curriculum for Wales.  Schools must promote knowledge and understanding of the UNCRC. The resources will support teaching on young people’s rights, helping them become informed citizens of Wales. They will promote better mental health and well-being for learners following parental separation.

The parents of approximately 280,000 children separate each year, most before the child reaches the age of 11. Lesson 1 introduces pupils to Rosie, aged 9, whose parents have separated. The lesson normalises the range of emotions that children may feel if their parents separate. This should help children come to terms with parental separation or support others going through this transition. In an age-appropriate way, lesson 2 introduces pupils to their rights under Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child to information, consultation, and, if needed, representation when parents separate. The lesson aims to demystify the legal processes and provide children with details of sources of support and how to access them when parents separate.

The resources have slides and Teacher Guidance, available in Welsh and English, to assist in preparation. For ease, the PowerPoint for Resource 2 links to The Rights Idea? video. A fun infographic using a ‘rights’ theme reinforces learning from the resources. A limited supply of laminated A3 or A4 copies of the infographic for classroom walls is available in Welsh or English free of charge by emailing

The Rosie’s Story teaching resources for use in schools in England are available here.