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Catherine Dupré was interviewed on leading Icelandic political talk show, Silfrið

Catherine Dupré gives keynote lecture on Icelandic constitutional reform

Catherine Dupré gave the opening paper at a conference convened by Professor Jon Olafsson at the University of Iceland on 20 October 2022. The conference was held to reflect on the constitutional reform process on the 10th anniversary of the referendum on the Proposal for a New Constitution, as drafted by a Constitutional Council of twenty-five lay members.

Catherine Dupré has followed the Icelandic constitutional reform debate since its beginning in 2009 and has co-edited a collection of papers on it by some of the key participants, including the Prime Minister and the Chairwoman of the Constitutional Council. The constitutional reform is continuing under the leadership of Katrin Jakobsdottir who was re-appointed as Iceland’s Prime Minister in 2021.

Date: 12 January 2021