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Remembering Jina-Mahsa Amini Poster

Remembering Jina-Mahsa Amini Roundtable Poster

Nora Jaber co-organises all-women roundtable 'Remembering Jina-Mahsa Amini

On the 4th of October, Dr Nora Jaber (law) together with Dr Katie NatanelDr Sabiha Allouche, and Dr Marya Hannun (IAIS) organised an all-women roundtable to discuss ongoing state violence in Iran against Iranian women, and national, ethnic, and religious minorities of Iran, including the Kurds. In addition to being a space in which to grieve the killing of Amini, the event also served as a space for discussing, thinking about, and imagining possibilities for transnational feminist solidarity that is inclusive, emancipatory, and productive.

Date: 12 October 2022