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Sundus Quereshi wins the International Human Rights Day poster competition

This year the Human Rights and Democracy Forum joined the celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and organised its first poster competition open to all Law School students.

The winner, Sundus Quereshi, says: ‘I am a third year LLB law student. I designed the following poster using Canva – a digital art platform. I decided on a design that (to me) was a perfect reflection of what International Human Rights Day (HRD) is all about – inclusion and diversity. The reason that I featured a multitude of races is because Human Rights and Democracy Forum celebrates the rights of humans. But often the vision for whom these rights apply to is lost—everyone. Social media is quick to feature a certain ethnic group or race, and in this spotlight, different groups (both religious and sexual) are often neglected. I wanted my poster to include everyone, regardless of their religion, gender orientation, sexual preference or class. It has always irked me to see such a system and I have always strived to be a part of the movement that can change this. Contributing to the International Human Rights Day, in a way, is my step towards being that change.

The other two winners are Omar Hutchison and Sho Taniyama. The HRDF warmly congratulated all winners and hopes to celebrate International Human Rights Day again next year.

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