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Natalie Sedacca publishes co-authored article on the ethics of migration research in crisis

Dr Natalie Sedacca is one of the authors of a recently published article in Migration and Society journal, ‘Reflecting on Crisis: Ethics of Dis/Engagement in Migration Research.’ The article is available open access here.

The piece is the product of collaboration with colleagues across social science disciplines in the Migration Research Unit at UCL, where Natalie completed her PhD. It addresses the effects of the pandemic on our research fields and interlocutors, and our positionalities as researchers, critically considering the ethics of (dis)engaging from the research field and making suggestions for a more egalitarian and engaged research ethics. The co-authors are Ioanna Manoussaki-Adamopoulou, Rachel Benchekroun, Andrew Knight, and Andrea Monserratt Cortés Saavedra.

A linked, preceding piece on ‘Adapting to Crisis’ was published in the same issue by fellow Migration Research Unit members Aydan Greatrick, Jumana Al-Waeli, Hannah Sender, Susanna Corona Maioli, Jin L. Li, and Ellen Goodwin and is available here.

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