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Provision of Research on Self-Represented Parties in Private Family Law Cases

1 December 2012 - 30 October 2013

PI/s in Exeter: Professor Liz Trinder

Research partners: Rosemary Hunter (University of Kent)
Professor Richard Moorhead (University College London)
Dr Emma Hitchings (Bristol University)
Ms Joanna Miles (Cambridge University)
Mark Sefton (independent researcher)
Dr Leanne Smith (Cardiff University)
Julia Pearce
Victoria Hinchly
Kay Bader

Funding awarded: £ 96,313

Sponsor(s): Ministry of Justice

About the research

This project proposes to address the specified research questions with three linked studies. The Intensive Case Study will sample 150 live cases over three weeks in five courts using observation, linked party and professional interviews and court file analysis. The Local Contextual Study uses focus groups, analysis of support services and observation of court counters and waiting rooms to provide a broader contextual understanding of SRPs. The Secondary Analysis Study will incorporate secondary analysis of data on SRP cases from two current family justice system studies led by members of the consortium. Taken together, these findings from the individual case, court and broader contexts will provide a rich, multi-layered perspective on the range of SRPs, their behavioural drivers and support needs and their impact on the court system.

The project's final report and summary now available.