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Spaces of Possibility for the Creative Re-Use of Europeana's Content

1 February 2014 - 9 January 2021

PI/s in Exeter: Professor Charlotte Waelde

CI/s in Exeter: Dr Anastasia Somerville-Wong

Funding awarded: £ 149,115

Sponsor(s): European Commission

About the research

The project ‘Spaces of Possibility for the Re-Use of Europeana Content’ is funded by the European Commission under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme. The work is in collaboration with Professor Sarah Whatley (Coventry) and twenty-eight international partners in the culture and heritage, creative and technology industries as well as higher education.

The project aims to increase and enhance the creative industries’ use of digital cultural content and Europeana by delivering a range of resources to support their engagement. To do this, a framework of best practices will be developed and applied to an open environment for the re-use of digital and cultural content. This will enable the exploitation of Europeana by entrepreneurs and technology-based enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It will ultimately create new employment opportunities, as well as fostering innovation and economic growth.

The project stakeholders and users will require awareness of shared limiting factors regarding monetisation and profitability, but also IPR status, where challenging questions about ownership and access will need to be worked through. In addressing these problems, Europeana Space brings together high-level expertise from the European creative industries, technology-based enterprises, the cultural heritage sector and higher education.

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