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Connecting the Dots: An International Law Perspective on the Problem of Attribution of Cyber Operations Conducted by Non-State Actors

1 April 2015 - 31 December 2015

PI/s in Exeter: Professor Kubo Mačák

Funding awarded: £ 4,200

Sponsor(s): University of Haifa

About the research

Cyber operations pose a set of novel challenges to the generally conservative body of the law of State responsibility. Central among them is the problem of attribution, which lies at the intersection of technology and law. This project responds to the recent developments in the States’ technological capacity to identify the sources of cyber attacks from the perspective of international law. It revisits the applicable law of State responsibility and examines the relevant standards of attribution against the backdrop of actual and hypothetical cyber operations. The aim of the project is to propose suggestions for the further development of the law in this area, reflecting the modern reality of conduct in cyberspace.