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Photo of  Lisa Cherkassky

Lisa Cherkassky

Senior Lecturer

Amory B103H


Management experience: Director of LLM's at the University of Derby (2012-2021); Director of BA Law and LLB joint degrees and the University of Bradford (2007-2012).

Teaching: Medical law, criminal law. Previously: tort law, business law, mental health law, foundations of law.

PhD 2019-2023: 'Gametes on request: the posthumous retreival of sperm without consent' at The University of Manchester (completing).

Orcid ID: 0000-0003-0963-6358

Research interests:

  • Medical law (and bioethics);
  • Fertility law, posthumous conception, PGD (embryonic screening);
  • Saviour siblings, organ transplants, the welfare of the child;
  • Crimnal law: causation, HIV transmission, insanity, genocide.

Textbooks and Chapters:

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Should Parents Have a Right to Determine Where a Child Dies?’ in K.A. Choong (ed.) (2019) Medical Futility and the Best Interests of the Child. Trivent Publishing (ISSN 2630-8185);

· L. Cherkassky, (2014) Medical Law: Text, Cases and Materials. Pearson Longman (9781447901204);

· L. Cherkassky, (2012) Course Notes: Criminal Law. Routledge Hodder Education (9781444146547);

· L. Cherkassky, (2011) Legal Skills. Palgrave Macmillan (9780230230088).

Published Journal Articles and Case Notes:

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Performing electro-ejaculation on incompetent men for procreative purposes: is it lawful?’ (under construction);

L.Cherkassky, 'Jennings v Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority: Posthumous Surrogacy with Inferred Consent' (2023) 139 Law Quarterly Review 19-25;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Incapacitated Patients, Assisted Reproductive Technology, and the Importance of Consent’ (2023) Legal Studies (accepted);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Is Interference with a Corpse for Procreative Purposes a Criminal Offence?’ (2022) 85(3) Modern Law Review 577-597,;

· L. Cherkassky ‘The Use of Assisted Reproductive Technology to Create Posthumous Grandchildren’ (2021) 35(1) International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family,;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Re: AB (Termination of Pregnancy) EWCA Civ 1215: wishes and feelings under the Mental Capacity Act 2005’ (2020) 28(3) Medical Law Review 605-614;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Y v A Healthcare Trust [2018] EWCOP 18 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005: Taking Gamete Retrieval to the Bank’ (2019) 135 Law Quarterly Review 209-214;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Twenty-Seven Years of Controversy: The Perils of PGD’ (2017) 1(6) International Journal of Paediatrics and Neonatal Health 141-156;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Human Tissue Authority New Draft Code: Supporting Child Donors or Supporting Parents?’ (2017) 5(2) Legal Issues Journal 1-21;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘A Gift or a Waste? Quintavalle, Surplus Embryos and the Abortion Act 1967’ (2017) 23(2) The New Bioethics 1-9;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Quintavalle: The Quandary in Bioethics’ (2016) 29 Journal of Law and Health 164-190;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘The Interfamilial Principle and the Harvest Festival’ (2016) 23 European Journal of Health Law 30-48;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘The Human Tissue Authority and Saviour Siblings’ (2015) 3 Journal of Bone Marrow Research 158-167;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Gillick, Bone Marrow and Teenagers’ (2015) Medico-Legal Journal 83: 154-158;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Selecting a Disabled Embryo Can Constitute Grievous Bodily Harm’ (2015) Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland, 21(1);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Children and the Doctrine of Substituted Judgment’ (2015) Medical Law International, vol. 1, 1-23;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘The Wrong Harvest: The Law on Saviour Siblings’ (2015) The International Journal of Law, Policy and Family, vol.1, 1-20;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘A Fair Trial? The Assessment of Liver Transplant Candidates with Psychiatric Illnesses’ (2011) Journal of Medical Ethics, vol.37(12);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘The Secret World of Liver Transplant Candidate Assessment’ (2011) Medical Law International, vol.11(2);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Does the U.S. Do It Better? A Comparative Analysis of Liver Allocation Protocols in the United Kingdom and the United States’ (2011) Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, vol.20(3);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Rational Rejection? The Ethical Complications of Assessing Organ Transplant Candidates in the UK and the USA’ (2010) Journal of Law and Medicine, vol. 18(1);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Being Informed: The Complexities of Knowledge, Deception and Consent when Transmitting HIV’ (2010) The Journal of Criminal Law, vol. 74(3), 242;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Presumed Consent in Organ Donation: Is the Duty Finally Upon Us?’ (2010) European Journal of Health Law, vol. 17(2), 149;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘The Meaning of ‘Wrong’ in the M’Naghten Test’ [2009] Criminal Lawyer, No.189 (8);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Genocide: Punishing a Moral Wrong’ (2009) International Criminal Law Review, (9) 301-319;

· L. Cherkassky, C. Gale, and J. Guth, ‘Engaging New Law Lecturers and Reflections on the Engagement’ (2009) The Law Teacher, vol. 43(2);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘What Distinguishes the Evil of Genocide and How Should We Respond to It?’ (2008) The International Journal of Punishment and Sentencing, vol. 4(3), 110;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Kennedy and Unlawful Act Manslaughter: An Unorthodox Application of the Doctrine of Causation’ (2008) The Journal of Criminal Law, vol. 72(5), 387;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘R v Hendy: Intoxication and Diminished Responsibility’ (2007) The Journal of Criminal Law, 71(3), 203-208.

Published Book Reviews:

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Saviour Siblings: A Relational Approach to the Welfare of the Child in Selective Reproduction by Shelia McLean’, (2016) European Journal of Health Law, vol. 23, 103-112;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘How Leading Lawyers Think: Expert Insights into Judgment and Advocacy by Randall Kiser’ (2012) International Journal of Law and Management, vol. 54(3), 242;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Criminal Liability for Non-Aggressive Death by C.M.V. Clarkson and Sally Cunningham’ (2010) Legal Studies, vol. 3(3), 502;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Criminal Law by Nicola Padfield’ (2009) The International Journal of Learning in Education, vol. 43(3), 327;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Criminal Law: Doctrine and Theory by William Wilson’ (2009) The International Journal of Learning in Education, vol. 43(3), 329;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘International Criminal Law by Antonio Cassese’ (2009) Legal Studies, vol. 29(1), 171;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Criminal Law: Text and Materials by Clarkson and Keating’ (2008) The International Journal of Learning in Education, vol. 42(1), 140.

Conference Presentations:

L.Cherkassky, 'Posthumous Conception: The Sexual Assault of Corpses?' 9th May 2022, University of Manchester Postgraduate Research Conference;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Posthumous conception: doing deceased men justice?’ World Association for Medical Law 26th World Congress, 13th August 2020 Toronto, Canada (accepted – cancelled Covid);

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Posthumous Retrieval of Sperm for Fertility Treatment’ 25th-28th June 2019, Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics Annual Consortium, Reid Hall, Paris;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘How to do a PhD Through Publication’ 27th April 2016, University of Derby Postgraduate Research Conference;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘A PhD Through Publication’ 3rd July 2015, Annual Research Conference, University of Derby;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Share Your Toys, Share Your Kidneys: Child Organ Donors’ 15th December 2014, Lancaster Medical School;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Does the U.S. do it better? A comparative analysis of liver allocation protocols in the United Kingdom and the United States’ International Bioethics Retreat, 20th-26th June 2011, Cambridge University;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘International Ethical Challenges Behind the Allocation of Scarce Organs’ Centre for Social Ethics and Policy Senior Seminar Series, 2009 - 2010 Session, 24th February 2010, University of Manchester;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Ethical Challenges Behind the Allocation of Scarce Organs’ The Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, 7th September 2009, Keele University;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘E-Learning in Law: are we doing enough?’ Association of Law Teachers Annual Conference, Amsterdam, 7th April 2009;

· L. Cherkassky, ‘Pot Luck for Students: Tutor A or Tutor B?’ The Learning in Law Annual Conference for The Higher Education Academy, 24th January 2009, Warwick University;

· L. Cherkassky, and C. Gale, ‘Engaging Law Lecturers and Reflections on the Engagement’ Association of Law Teachers Annual Conference, 17th March 2008, Oxford University.


£2,260 from the Institute of Medical Ethics (Registered Charity No.261876, Ref: IMESEMSER20): Annual Seminar Competition 2019/2020, 31st January 2020 - 30th December 2020, ‘Fertility, the Law and Trans-Pregnancies’ conference with Manchester University Law School.

£695, College of Social Sciences and International Studies (SSIS), Associate-Dean of Research (ADR) grant (internal): ‘Tavistock and Puberty Blockers Away Day’. February-July 2022.


Visiting Professorship:

Western University, Ontario, Canada, in ‘Comparative Medical Law and Ethics’, January 2019.



Exeter Law Review (2022+)

The Journal of Medical Law and Ethics, Paris Legal Publishers (2013-2020);

Derby Law Journal, University of Derby (2019-2021);

Journal Review Board: International Journal of Social Science Studies (2018-2021);

Reviewer: Annals of Transplantation; Medical Law Review; Journal of Medical Ethics; Medical Law International; Longman Press; Oxford University Press; Hodder Publishing; Routledge Cavendish Press; Cambridge University Press.


Widening Participation: local college open days, school challenge days, 'Just Imagine Working Here' inititative with Derby Council and local primary schools.


Professional Memberships:

Society of Legal Scholars;

Fellow of Advance HE (formally the Higher Education Academy);

Association of Law Teachers;

UK Centre for Legal Education;

Institute of Medical Ethics;

Socio-Legal Studies Association;

World Association for Medical Law;

European Association of Health Law.


External Examinerships:

Nottingham Trent University (2019-2021);

Teesside University (2016-2021);

Anglia Ruskin University (2015-2017);

University of Northampton (2011-2015).


Other Awards:

‘Lecturer of the Year’ in the College of Business, Law and Social Sciences, University of Derby (2019).


Modules taught

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