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Professor James Griffin

Associate Professor


01392 723194

Associate Professor Griffin's main area of research relates to the impact of Intellectual Property laws upon technology. He has recently published a monograph about the development of quantum and biological computing ('The State of Cultural Biology: The regulation of biological computing' Edward Elgar (2023)). This monograph argued that it is important to acknowledge the historical role of biologies in the making of culture when considering such newer computing technologies. He has published articles on the role of authors in the digital environment, such as 'The evolution of authorship under technology: implications for copyright law' in the IPQ and 'Copyright in Music' in Legal Studies. A monograph ('The State of Creativity') has been published which looks at the function of creativity within the development of society. A collection of works investigating 3D printing in China was published in 2018. He is the editor of Merkin and Black, 'Copyright and Design Law.' Current research interests include copyright and rationality, copyright and technology, memes and copyright, communicative theory and copyright, art and the law, and interdisciplinary research into creativity. Professor Griffin is also invovled with the development of novel technologies, such as the tracking and tracing of information through technologies such as quantum and biological computers, and has been helped lead projects developing patented digital watermarks for 3D printed objects.

Professor Griffin, in conjunction with staff from Exeter, Durham, Sussex, Nottingham Ningbo (China), SLM (Singapore) and CUPL (Beijing, China) was funded by the AHRC China Digital Copyright and IP Law Research Centre to investigate digital licensing of 3D printed content as cited by the Minister for Intellectual Property. This work was being carried out with BILETA ( Professor Griffin was also funded by the EPSRC/ESRC with colleagues from Sussex, Swansea and Loughborough to look into 3D printing and RDM (c.£57,000). Professor Griffin has previously carried out funded research into copyright reform for BILETA, and into the role of the Digital Copyright Exchange for the SLS. Professor Griffin obtained his PhD from Bristol University, who kindly awarded him an annual scholarship and also a GTA position, without which his academic career would not have been possible.

He has provided advice to Guangzhou IP Office, and in the UK has acted as an advisor regarding protection of digital systems in electronic warfare. He has also written a Home Office report. He is currently the treasurer of BILETA, and is a member of the SLS Council. He also acts as Associate Editor for IRLCT and is the book editor for EJLT. He has featured in the international press for his research. Professor Griffin is also the Director for the link between the Chinese University of Politics and Law, Beijing, and the School of Law, and has helped develop the relationships and placements in Beijing & Shanghai law firms for law school students. He acts as the Law lead in the ESRC SWDTP doctoral college. Professor Griffin has also acted as external examiner at the University of Liverpool, the University of Northumbria, Sheffield Hallam University, Queen Mary, Anglia Ruskin Cambridge, and Bristol University. 

Professor Griffin has successfully supervised a number of PhD students to completion on research concerning copyright and databases, and currently supervises over 10. He welcomes discussion with any potential PhD students and is willing to give advice with regard to IP PhD applications. He is the director of doctoral studies. He has undertaken numerous external and internal examining of PhDs (>100). 

For media appearences please see the 'External Engagement and Impact' tab.


Successful Funding:

2021-2023 Li Dak Sum Innovation Fellowship (Co-I)  基于 3 D 打印数字水印技术和区块链技术的 3 D 打印 鉴权平台设计与应用研究 with Chan (PI), Hao and Zeng (Nottingham Ningbo) RMB 500,000 (c.£57,000).

2021-2023 AHRC (PI) 3D printing in China AH/V015761/1 - impact - with Chan (Nottingham Ningbo), Osuji (Essex) and Umbach (Nottingham) - £82,218

2020 ESRC (Co-I)  AI in 3DP arbitration with K Nousia - 3D printing and AI - £10,462

2016-2019 Google - administrator of annual Google travel fund for BILETA conference - £5,000 p.a. (2016), £6,000 p.a. (2017+)

2015-2017 AHRC-Newton Fund-Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau (PI)  3D printing in China  – with Chan (Nottingham Ningbo), Choo (Nottingham Ningbo), Jones (Durham), Li (Sussex), Li (CUPL, Beijing), Osuji (Essex), Mok (SLM), Zhu (Nottingham Ningbo) £97,000.

2016 EPSRC (Co-I) with Li (Sussex), Faulkner (Sussex), Medcalf (Loughbourgh) 3D Printing and RDM EP/M017656/1– c.£57,000

2016 Internal University of Exeter Award - to develop impact - £1000

2014/5  BILETA – 3D Printing Workshop - £595

2012 SLS – Digital Copyright Exchange – £1275

2012 EPSRC - The relationship between 3D printing and intellectual property law. With Charlotte Waelde, Liang Hao, Richard Everson £4,046

2011 – RIVENTA - A small £400 grant for research into copyright.

2011 – EPSRC - Water Recycling in Urban Areas, 2011. With F Memon, S Hughes, N Smirnoff, N Hawkins, S Barr & A Nayak - £5000

2011 -  EPSRC “The relations between creativity in mathematical & biological systems, creativity as a mental process, & creativity in the social world.” With Anna Craft, Robin Durie, Pete Ashwin, Ed Keedwell, Katrina Wyatt, Andy Wills, Kerry Chappell, & Varuni Wimalasiri - £5500

2011 - BILETA – Copyright Reform – £2939

2008 - SELEX - Copyright / Licensing  (Contract Consultancy Research) - £2400

2003 - Home Office -  European Procurement Guidelines Project for the National E-Public Procurement Supplier Adoption and Economic Development programme  -£9,430.

2002-2005 University of Bristol, Law Department PhD Scholarship Award (Scholarship & GTA)


Quantum Computing and Copyright Law: A Wave of Change or a Mere Irrelevant Particle? [2024] IPQ 24

With Nair, A., Pornography, Sexual Privacy and Copyright, Computer Law and Security Review (forthcoming, 2024)

With Noussia, K., Nedeva, S., Zervoudakis, S., Lux, J., and McNamara, J., 'Copyright Arbitration and DIspuite Resolution for 3D printing: An Emprical Analysis' EJLT [2023] 2

With Chan H, Guo M, Zeng F, Chen Y, and Xiao T, Blockchain-enabled authentication platform for the protection of 3D printing intellectual property: a conceptual framework study, 17 Enterprise Information Systems 2180776 [2023]

With Walsh K, Wallace A, Pavis M, Olszowy N, Hawkins N. Intellectual Property Rights and Access in Crisis. 52 IIC International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law 379 (2021) 

'The enforcement of laws regulating digital cultural content: A proposal' 35 International Review of Law, Computers and Technology 70 (2021)

With Jones A, 3D Printing and the Right to Privacy, EJLT [2020] (1) (3)

 3D printing: A sui generis right for the convergent technology, [2019] IPQ 25.

 A proposal for a bridge of licensing over a sea of IP uncertainty: Digital Watermarking of 3D Printed Content’ in Chan, Choo, Griffin and Osuji (eds), Intellectual Property Rights and Emerging Technology: 3D printing in China (Routledge, 2018)

 ‘Biotech 3DP Digital Watermarking: An ‘uncanny valley’ in the Prosthetic State’ in Chan, Choo, Griffin and Osuji (eds), Intellectual Property Rights and Emerging Technology: 3D printing in China (Routledge, 2018)

 ‘We become what we think: Machine laws in machine minds’, in Chan, Choo, Griffin and Osuji (eds), Intellectual Property Rights and Emerging Technology: 3D printing in China (Routledge, 2018)

 Chan, H.K., Griffin, J., Lim, J.J., Zeng, F., The impact of 3D Printing Technology on the Supply Chain: Manufacturing and Legal Perspectives" 205 International Journal of Production Economics 156 (2018).

 Chan, H. K., Griffin, J., Lim, J. J., Zeng, F., & Chiu, A. S. F.  Impact of 3D Printing Technology on Supply Chain in China. Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Production Research, DEStech (2017) 492-495.

 “A proposal for a doctrine of Information Justice”[2016] IPQ 44.

 With Romero-Moreno, F., "The UK's criminal copyright proposals in an era of technological precision", 7 EJLT 2 (2016)

 “Exploding cultural regulation: what the memetic can(n)on offers regulators” 20 Communications Law 120 (2015)

  “The Future of Technological Law: The Machine State” 28 International Review of Law, Computers and Technology 299 (2014) [in memory of Professor Jon Bing]

 With Li, P., Mellor, S., Waelde, C., Hao, L., Everson, R., “Intellectual Property and 3D Printing: A case study on 3D chocolate printing” 9 Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice 322 (2014)

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 “The Digital Economy Act 2010 and the impact on semiotic certainty” 24 International Review of Law, Computers and Technology 251 (2010)

 "A review of the Digital Economy Acy 2010" [2010] 7 DASLS 15.

 “The rise of the digital technology ‘meritocracy’: legal rules and their impact” 15(3) Information and Communications Technology Law 211 (2006)

 “Interactivity and digital works: how legal rules are restricting our ability to use digital works as a communications medium” 20(3) International Review of Law, Computers and Technology 301 (2006)

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 “The need for a new paradigm in IP Law: A focus on authorship” 14(3) Information and Communications Technology Law 269-278 (2005)

 “The evolution of authorship under technology: implications for copyright law" Intellectual Property Quarterly (2005) 135-154

"Why the European Court of Justice is no longer running wild: The three fears", 1 International Affairs Society Journal 8 (2004) (on-line journal)

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"Book review: Media Law and Policy in the Internet Age", 9 EJLT 3 (2018) 

"Book Review: Concepts of Music and Copyright" 29 Ent LR (2018)70; 40 EIPR 285 (2018).

"Book Review: Research handbook on digital transformations" 8 EJLT 2 (2017)

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Editorials: Griffin & O'Boyle, 37 IRLCT 1 (2023); Griffn & Romero-Moreno 14(1) EJLT (2023); Griffin, 35 IRLCT 1 (2021); Griffin, Maharg & Nair, 9(2) EJLT (2018); Griffin & Goncalves, 9(1) EJLT (2018); Griffin & Nair, 8(2) EJLT (2017).


(ed) Merkin and Black, Copyright and Design Law, Sweet & Maxwell (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 editions)

The State of Cultural Biology: Regulating Biological Computing (Edward Elgar, 2023)

The State of Creativity: The Future of 3D Printing, 4D Printing and Augmented Reality (Edward Elgar, 2019)

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Patent over 3DP watermarks - CN-107330844B (2020). 


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Conference Papers / Presentations (selected):

Quantum and Biological Watermarking, University of Exeter, 2024

New Technologies and IP, University of Dresden, Germany, 2023

Quantum Computing and Copyright Law, Amsterdam Law and Technology Institute, VU Faculty of Law, BILETA, 2023

Copright protection of 3DP watermarks in the new technology era, Fudan University, Shanghai, 2023

With Mu, Xiaochen, Copyright protection of new objects of rights in the digital economy era, Ningbo, 2023

Quantum watermarking, Quantum watermarking workshop (AHRC AH/V015761/1), University of Exeter, 2022 

International Perspectives of Copyright Law, General Kotelawala Defence University, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2022

3DP watermark licensing practitioner day training session (UK section; AHRC project), 2022

IP Law and New Technologies: 4D Printing and Quantum Computing, University of Dresden, Germany, 2022

Introductions / Conclusions as Conference Chair, BILETA Conference, University of Exeter, 2022

How an automated 3DP licensing platform works, BILETA Conference, University of Exeter, 2022

Technologies for digital innovation in international trade finance: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, DLT, OCR AI and Robotics, College of Law Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar, 2022

With HK Chan, Designing an Authentication Platform based on the patented 3D printing digital watermarking technology and blockchain technology, University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China, 2022

3DP in China - an example of impact, University of Essex, 2021

Watermarks and digital licensing, IBM workshop, 2021

Brexit and Copyright Law, Dresden University, 2021

3D printing and PPE, Queen Mary, London, 2020

The State of Creativity, BILETA online conference, 2020

3D printing and watermarking, IRC, General Kotelawala Defence University, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2019

The future of biotech regulation - new modes of thought, University of Belfast, 2019

The Uncanny Valley for biotech watermarking, University of Aberdeen, 2018

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Age of Digital Convergence, Hong Kong University, 2009 (invited session chair)

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External impact and engagement

Mentions in the Press:


'AI powered digital watermarks could swiftly speed up copyright infringement cases, study finds' -


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UNNC Academics Secure Intellectual Property for 3D Printing, Ningbo Times -;


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University of Nottingham Ningbo - ; ;;;;


宁诺学者利用数字水印与区块链技术实现对3D打印作品知识产权保护 -


Blockchain per svolgere un ruolo chiave nel garantire che le leggi sul copyright possano essere utilizzate per la stampa 3D -


Forscher kombinieren digitale Wasserzeichen und Blockchain zum Schutz des Urheberrechts im 3D-Druck -


Blockchain sichert geistiges Eigentum an 3D-gedruckten Objekten -


Blockchain to ensure that copyright law can be used in 3D printing -


Rights reserved: A new digital watermarking method for 3D printing models' at


Blockchain tech set to revolutionise copyright laws for 3D printing -


University Of Exeter: Blockchain To Play A Key Part In Ensuring Copyright Laws Can Be Used For 3D Printing, India Education DIary -


Academics patent watermarking technology for use with 3D printing - ;


Spotlight on digitalising challenges of international finance processes, Gulf Times, April 2022 - 


كلية القانون بجامعة حمد بن خليفة وجامعة إسكس يناقشان التحديات في مجال رقمنة عمليات تمويل التجارة العالمية. April 2022, -


خبراء يبحثون تحديات رقمنة تمويل التجارة العالمية, Al-Rayah, April 2022 -


كلية القانون بجامعة حمد وجامعة إسكس تناقشان تحديات «رقمنة تمويل التجارة», Lusail, April 2022 -


Intellectual Property Workshop in Nottingham Ningbo, March 2022:


宁诺教授破解 3D打印模型产权保护难题:




宁诺教授破解 3D打印模型产权保护难题:




宁诺教授破解 3D打印模型产权保护难题:


寧諾教授破解 3D打印模型產權保護難題:,-experts-warn  






















































 中英携手构建在线3D打印自动化授权平台:  (video report)


(no longer accessible):


New study to tackle piracy issues caused by growing use of 3-D printers:


New study to tackle piracy issues caused by growing use of 3-D printers:


Study tackles piracy issues caused by the use of 3D printers:


New study to tackle piracy issues caused by growing use of 3D printers:






(no longer accessible):


10-year jail sentence for online piracy “infeasible, unaffordable” say academics:


You CAN'T jail online pirates for 10 years, legal eagles tell UK govt:


UK Proposes Jail Sentences For File Sharers That Are Longer Than Those Of Rapists:


Lawyers Tell UK Government You Can’t Jail Online Pirates for 10 Years:


Legal eagles warn the UK Govt they cannot jail online pirates for 10 years: (various)



Mentions in other publications:


UKIPO, 3D Printing and Intellectual Property Futures: ;


Video media:


HKSTV conference coverage: 


TV coverage with China Ningbo TV (on file)


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Video at


BILETA Conference 2022:


IPR challenges from emerging technologies in China workshop, available to Exeter staff here:


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