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Photo of  Tayiba Hussain

Tayiba Hussain

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant


Tayiba Hussain joined the University of Exeter in 2018 as a postgraduate teaching assistant in law. 

Tayiba obtained her LLB at University of Exeter. She won a scholarship for her LLM at University of Exeter and received the Deans commendation for achieving the highest marks. She is also the holder of the prestigious Diamond Jubilee scholarship which funds her PhD. Tayiba is currently undertaking her PhD, which focuses on the legal status of Electronic bills of lading and whether they can function as a document of title. 


Office Hours

Monday 9.00 – 10.00

Research interests

 Tayiba’s research focuses on how the electronic bill of lading can become a document of title. The research shall investigate the judicial discourse to determine whether the electronic bill of lading has any legal standing. The practical realities of the shipping industry will be examined to highlight the fact that the law is lagging behind. The vulnerable position which parties using an electronic bill of lading are put into and the uncertainty which this creates in an industry that relies on certainty, shall be explored. The different technologies used in electronic bills of lading shall also be examined to determine whether they are able to facilitate the function of a document of title. 


The Rotterdam rules will be scrutinised with suggested amendments to ensure that electronic bills of lading are given legitimacy to perform the function of a document of title.

Modules taught

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