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Dr Inga Thiemann

Senior Lecturer

Amory B303

Inga is a Senior Lecturer in Law (Education & Research), teaching Criminal Law and convening the optional module 'Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery'. She is currently on research leave.

Inga’s research focuses on the intersections of criminal law, migration law, employment law, discrimination law and feminist theory. Her research spans across the following themes:

1) Sex work and labour rights – mapping sex workers’ preferred models of sex work regulation; exploring avenues of reconciling sex workers’ regulatory preferences with existing labour law.

2) Critical human trafficking & migration scholarship – challenging the international and domestic criminal law categories of ‘human trafficking’ and ‘modern slavery’ for the purpose of human rights protections for trafficked persons.

3) Migrants’ rights at work post-Brexit – challenging the UK’s claim of being a world leader in the fight against Modern Slavery. The lack of assurances over migrants’ human rights at work post-Brexit, combined with dangerous visa regimes, a lack of labour regulations and inspections increases migrants’ vulnerability to exploitation.

4) The value of feminised work – the low value attached to feminised labour sectors, particularly those within the reproductive labour sphere (broadly defined), and the devaluing of women’s labour ranging from underpayment and under-protection in care work and domestic work to attempts to prohibit the monetisation of sexual services.

5) Undervalued and unprotected work before, during and after Covid-19 - exclusions faced by workers in precarious sectors during Covid-19 as an amplification of existing structural concerns.

Prior to her appointment at Exeter, Inga was a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, a Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Modern Slavery at St. Mary’s University London and a Teaching Fellow at University College London.

Inga completed her PhD in Law at University College London. Her doctoral thesis critically examined criminal law responses to human trafficking and proposed an alternative paradigm rooted in labour law. For her research at UCL, Inga received the Modern Law Review Scholarship.

Before her PhD, Inga read interdisciplinary degrees in International Peace and Security at King’s College London and Advanced International Studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Inga is a Visiting Research Fellow at TraffLab Tel Aviv and a Horst Siebert Memorial Fellow at Johns Hopkins SAIS Europe.

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Research interests

Current research interests:
  • intersections of labour, migration and human rights law
  • sex work and its regulation
  • labour law responses to sex work
  • feminised labour and unseen/unpaid/unregulated labour



Research supervision

I am happy to supervise research in the areas of Human Trafficking and Labour Exploitation, as well as their intersections with Gender & Law, Human Rights Law and Public International Law. 


Research students

Joshua John Pearsall (Employment Law)

Robin Jakob (interdisciplinary PhD)

Other information

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