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Photo of Dr Peter Underwood

Dr Peter Underwood

Lecturer in Law


01392 724740

Peter Underwood joined the University of Exeter as a Lecturer in Law in September 2021 having previously worked as a a seminar tutor from 2018-2021 whilst undertaking his PhD at the University. 

Peter’s research focusses on corporate law and governance and legal issues arising the imbalance and separation of power within modern corporations. He is also interested in the role Artificial intelligence could play in the corporate governance framework.  He is the Co-Director for the Centre for Commercial and Corporate Law

Prior to joining Exeter he previously worked as a legal advisor for an international consulting company working with global financial, accountancy and legal institutions specialising in compliance of contracts.

Peter recently completed his PhD at The University of Exeter.  The focus of this research focuses on company law and particularly in the law regulating corporate groups and whether these groups lack correlative legitimacy. Peter obtained his LL.B at Nottingham Law School and his LL.M and LPC at the University of Law in Bristol.

In 2019 he was recognised as an associate fellow of the higher education academy.

Peter is open to engaging in collaborative research in the following areas

  • Business Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Corporate Governance and Responsibly
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Law

Office hours

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Current working Papers

  • In-corporating Crisis: Time to shift the Paradigm Away from Shareholder Primacy
  • The Mistaken Duality of Parkinsonian Corporate Theory with Professor Marc Moore (UCL)
  • AI as leagltech and regtech to generate a new corporate value chain, With Dr Joseph Lee ( University of Manchester)


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