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Meet our students

The dual legal qualification programme (LLB in English Law and French Law / Master 1 (Maîtrise en Droit)) in the Law School at the University of Exeter is a course I highly recommend. Studying both legal systems has been extremely enriching both intellectually and culturally and has provided me with solid legal and academic knowledge I look forward to using throughout my career. The course is challenging but the stimulating content of lectures as well as the support provided at Exeter will give you all the essential tools to succeed. I loved being part of a course with a small number of students, as this meant we became close friends very quickly and supported each other throughout the entire course.

The final year in the Law Faculty at Rennes 1 University was also a great experience, during which I gained a thorough understanding of EU Law from both theoretical and practical perspectives whilst immersing myself in a new University and making new friends from different cultures. The dual legal qualification programme has above all enabled me to develop two methods of reasoning and strong analytical skills through the study of both Common Law and Civil Law. I look forward to putting into practice the skills learnt through this double degree by working at Allen & Overy’s Paris office.’


Louise, graduated in July 2019

I really enjoyed my experience in the LLB in English Law and French Law / Master 1 (Maitrise en Droit). Coming from the French education system, studying in the UK was very enriching and it really opened my mind. I enjoyed how the course was taught and organised. The academic staff at the University of Exeter are excellent and the tutors in charge of the dual legal qualification degree are very friendly and reliable.

The experience in France was totally different, demonstrating the benefits of living both experiences. French education is more based on gathering a great amount of legal knowledge and theory. This approach was very interesting, as it was so different from the more practical English approach. Rennes is a really cute and lively city. It has a lot of bars and music concerts are frequently organised. The students from Rennes 1 University were very friendly and helpful.

Throughout the 4 years in Exeter and Rennes alike, I met fantastic people and became good friends with a lot of my classmates. I really enjoyed the fact that people from the class were from different countries and had diverse backgrounds.

I am planning to work in institutional relations and regulatory affairs for companies acting in space. This summer, I was selected for a two-month internship at SES, a satellite company. My background in European law and my English and French legal expertise are particularly valuable and helpful in completing this internship. I was also selected for a summer course organised by the European Centre for Space Law taking place in September and I will also be attending a 3-day conference in Istanbul organized by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. Overall, I feel that this double degree gave me the opportunity to find and pursue my career goal and allowed me to strive for excellence. I would strongly recommend it for any prospective student looking for a well-rounded, international and challenging Law degree.

Lucie, graduated in July 2019

At Exeter, I was enrolled in the dual legal qualification programme (LLB in English Law and French Law/Master 1 (Maîtrise en Droit). During my education at Exeter, I was exposed to a wide range of legal courses, taught by teachers from various countries, with classmates from all over the world. This perfectly satisfied the international focus I wanted to give to my studies.

I particularly enjoyed the small and tutorial format during French Law classes, which allowed us to participate actively and understand the content quicker than in the crowded lecture theatres in France. Thanks to this dual legal qualification programme, I took part in the French Law Mooting competition at Oxford University with another classmate in my third year. The entire mooting experience, from research all the way to presenting arguments in the moot court, taught me important organisational lessons and greatly improved my public speaking skills.

Having been interested in Medical Ethics since a third-year class at Exeter I decided to go to Georgetown Law School (USA) to complete an LLM in Global Health Law. I graduated first of my promotion and could not have achieved this without the education and support received at Exeter. I sat the New York Bar Examination in July 2019 and I am now ready to start working with a diversified and strong academic background that will allow me to work in various countries and multiple legal fields.

Charlotte, graduated in July 2018

The LLB in English Law and French Law/Master 1 (Maîtrise en Droit) at Exeter is second to none! That is a bold statement to make, but from my experience here, it would be difficult to convince me otherwise.

For all the non-native French speakers considering taking this course, I encourage you to go for it; do not let fear stop you. Language is not a real barrier, doing well in French Law is about an appreciation for and understanding of the methodology. The lectures and Travaux Dirigés, supported by extra reading, will give you what you need to succeed. In examinations, I have consistently scored amongst the highest, despite being a native English speaker. The lecturers always make themselves available to talk to, so make use of their availability! What I love about studying here is that the lecturers really do care about your success. There is such a supportive community between students as well, which the International Law Society has also helped foster.

Finally, the beauty of this course is that you get two degrees rolled into one. So not only do you get an understanding of two major legal systems in the world – common law and civil law – but you also improve your employability. Having secured a Training Contract with international law firm Clifford Chance in the summer of my second year, I am a testimony to that.

Adetumilara Rachel, 2019-2020 – Currently reading her Master 1 (mention Droit Européen) in the Law Faculty at the University of Rennes 1.

The founding committee created the Exeter International Law Society (EILS) in order to ensure that the LLB in English Law and French Law / Master 1 (Maitrise en Droit) students were fully represented in the University and in the Law School. Since its creation, the EILS has continued to work with LLB in English Law and French Law / Master 1 (Maitrise en Droit) students to help them in a variety of ways. This includes helping them with the French dissertation juridique and commentaire d’arrêt. The EILS provides specialist sessions to help its members master the technique for both of these crucial academic exercises. By doing so, it ensures that students have the best chance to do well in their French Law examinations and ultimately when they are undertaking the Master 1 in the Law Faculty at the University of Rennes 1.

The EILS also runs mentorship sessions whereby second and third year LLB in English Law and French Law / Master 1 (Maitrise en Droit) students can help first year students with coping with their studies. The EILS has a bi-weekly newsletter that goes out to all of its members which informs them about all the latest French Law and English Law news and notifies them about the academic activities which are planned. The EILS is also organising trips to French Law firms where English and French students can learn more about how the French legal system works and their career opportunities.

The EILS has no doubt helped English and French students integrate into the Master 1. It provides an inclusive community whereby members feel supported so that they are able to succeed highly.’

Owen, President of the Exeter International Law Society. 
2019-2020 – Currently reading the third year of his LLB in English Law and French Law / Master 1 (Maîtrise en Droit)