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A degree from Exeter Law School has opened up countless pathways for our alumni in the last one hundred years. Their varied experience and expertise has been invaluable in helping students gain employability, professional and personal skills.

Alumni get involved in many different activities such as employment workshops, career mentoring sessions and work placements. Their input is highly valued by the students and greatly appreciated by us.

Being an alumnus of the Law School can mean many things:

  • a chance to keep in touch with old friends;
  • an opportunity to support the School in its current work;
  • a way of letting us and the alumni community know about your successes and achievements.

Get inspired by reading our Law alumni stories below.

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Our alumni staff

"We are extremely grateful to the Exeter Alumni Annual Fund which has supported us this year and funded our barrister wigs. These wigs have been an incredible addition to our competitions as they have allowed our students to have an authentic experience of what it is like to be a barrister."

Law School