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Exeter Law Review 

Exeter Law Review

Exeter Law Review

Welcome to the Exeter Law Review, a peer-reviewed law journal which publishes leading legal research from law students, law academics and external researchers from around the world. Topics are broad, covering domestic and international law and legal theory. It operates a blind peer-review process.

Back-issues are published in HeinOnline under both ‘Exeter Law Review’ (2017) and its previous name ‘Bracton Law Journal’ (1965-2011).

Our most recent print edition Volume 47, Academic Year 2021-22 contains the following articles: 

  • The IMF Loan Conditionalities and Neo-Colonialism: Understanding Through the Third World Approach to International Law - Chloe Cain;
  • An Appeal for Abolishing the Sudden Shock Requirement - Leonie Stüssi; 
  • The Success and Legitimacy of UN Treaty Bodies and UN Special Procedures in Clarifying the Content of Human Rights - Sam Myer;
  • Legal Analysis on the Accession of the European Union to the European Convention on Human Rights: Towards a Marriage or a Divorce? - Giselle Vega;
  • Filtering Through the Chaff: A Critical Discussion Surrounding Article 17 of the EU Copyright Directive and the Commercial Suitability of its Implementation - Ho-Man Tang.

To view the full articles click on the 'Download Editions' section for Volume 47.

Student Editors-in-Chief:

Nikolai Gurtner

Scarlett Paterson-Holt

Student Managing Editors:

Sneha Vivekanandan

Joel Oketch

Bernadette Thomas

Taha Ragheb

Liberty Wilson

Olivia Pukalska

Eddie Li

Matt Barrett 

Julietta Harris 

Courtney Jones 

Caitlin Mainwaring 

Rosie Ranger

Staff Editor:

Lisa Cherkassky (Senior Lecturer)

Staff Reviewers:

Dr Faye Bird

Stephanie Dropuljic

Professor Clair Gammage

Dr Ben Hudson

Dr Craig Newbery-Jones

Ethan O’Gorman Davies

Professor Robin Pierce

Kirsty Potts

Dr Peter Underwood

Dr Helena Wray

Dr David Yuratich

Case Notes

No more than 3,500 words (excluding footnotes). Please include four-five key words under your abstract. Latin gadgets are acceptable. Font: Times New Roman, size 12. Referencing: OSCOLA 4th Edition (please use footnotes, not endnotes or Harvard/Chicago).

Original articles

No more than 8,000 words (excluding footnotes). Dissertations acceptable if turned into journal article format with a 250 word abstract. Marked summative essays not acceptable but may inspire a freshly-written journal article based on the summative topic and improved by the summative feedback (also requires 250 word abstract). Numbered headings and sub-headings are acceptable: see OSCOLA. Latin gadgets are acceptable. Font: Times New Roman, size 12. Referencing: OSCOLA 4th Edition (please use footnotes, not endnotes or Harvard/Chicago).

Please send your article, case note or query to, which is monitored by the student editors.

Blog Submissions

Unlike our Annual Journal, the ELR blog features shorter pieces of work, yet still maintains the same level of quality writing. These are generally pieces of work completed as part of either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree which have scored 74 or higher, as graded by the University of Exeter. If you wish to have work featured, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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Staff editor: Lisa Cherkassky (Senior Lecturer)